Backblaze works seamlessly with iCloud

By | June 7th, 2011

Backblaze and iCloud

Yesterday Apple announced iCloud, launching in the fall, which lets you sync music, photos, apps, calendars, etc. between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. As Mac-fans, all of us here at Backblaze are pretty excited about using these features for ourselves!

A couple people asked, “How will Backblaze work with iCloud?”
The answer? Seamlessly!

* iCloud will sync your recent 30 days of photos across devices and recommends you store all the pictures you want to keep permanently on your Mac; Backblaze will ensure ALL your photos stored on your Mac are safe forever.
* iCloud will sync files from compatible apps; Backblaze will backup all data.
* iCloud will have 5 GB of storage; Backblaze is committed to unlimited online backup.

We are very excited by Apple’s new features and looking forward to using them!
And you can continue to look forward to having all of your data completely protected by Backblaze!

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