Backblaze release 2.0.2

By | March 5th, 2012

Backblaze has made a new release available and all users are scheduled to be automatically upgraded over the next few weeks. Below are the enhancements in this release:

Release Date: 3/01/12
Version: 2.0.2
Auto-Update: All Users

  • Added “End Time” to “Backup Schedule of type ‘Once Per Day'”
    While the default (and recommended) approach is to backup “Continuously”, Backblaze now offers the ability to specify a specific start and end time for backup. This is particularly useful for customers who pay different amounts for bandwidth at different times.

  • Streamlined Backblaze for Business billing notifications
    Previously individual users in a Backblaze for Business account would receive notifications when the business’s subscription was expiring. Now, only the administrator of the business account will be notified. If the account has not been renewed within 15 days of expiration, the individual users will be notified and asked to contact their administrator.

  • Improved Japanese Translations
    Major revamp of the Japanese language throughout the client.

  • New icon in client “Restore…” dialog for “USB Flash Drive” restore option
    Icon updated to match the switch from DVD to USB Flash Drive restore.

  • Removed ability to run installer on Mac OS X 10.4 (Mac)
    With Apple not issuing updates for Mac OS X 10.4 since 2007, Backblaze is starting to phase out support for 10.4. Existing customers running OS X 10.4 will continue to be able to run Backblaze v1.5.3, but will not be receiving updates.

Gleb Budman
Co-founder and CEO of Backblaze. Founded three prior companies. He has been a speaker at GigaOm Structure, Ignite: Lean Startup, FailCon, CloudCon; profiled by Inc. and Forbes; a mentor for Teens in Tech; and holds 5 patents on security.

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