Backblaze Launching Refer-a-Friend


Help Your Friends and Yourself

You back up your computer. You go to bed every night, wrap yourself up in a blanket burrito, and think about how peaceful your life is now that you have an online backup; hard drive crashes no longer loom in the back of your mind. Sometimes you think about your friends, wondering why they’ve never backed up their computers and known the true comfort of having digital peace of mind. Now you can help your friends get backed up, and it’s easier than ever.

Announcing the New Backblaze Refer-a-Friend Program

We’re thrilled to announce our brand new Refer-a-Friend program. Starting now, you can invite your friends to try Backblaze for one month, free of charge. For every friend that signs up with us, you’ll get one month’s worth of Backblaze applied to your Backblaze account. What could be better than helping your friends get peace of mind, knowing their data is safe, and getting a little something in return too? Possibly doing all of that while eating cake, but that’s about it!

How the Refer-a-Friend Program Works

How will it work? Once you log in to your Backblaze account, you’ll see a “Get Free Months” tab on the left hand side. After going there you’ll see your personal invite link, which you can then tweet, share, or email to your friends. We’ll show you the status of everyone who you’ve invited, and once they purchase, you’ll get a free month’s worth of credit applied to your account, one for each new account that signs up with Backblaze using your invite link.

Get Backblaze Free Forever

Backblaze is all about unlimited, so there’s no limit to how many months you can get for free. That’s right! Get enough of your friends to sign up and your Backblaze can be totally free. So get to it! Invite your friends to Backblaze, get some free months, and help spread some good on the planet!

Quick FAQ:

Q: What is it?
A: The Backblaze Refer-a-Friend program lets you give your friends a month of Backblaze online backup for free, and gives you a month for every friend that signs up!

Q: Where do I find it?
A: Sign in to your Backblaze account and clicking “Get Free Months” on the left-hand side.

Q: What do I get?
A: For each referral that purchases Backblaze, you’ll get a month’s worth of credit applied to your next Backblaze renewal.

Q: What do they get?
A: They get a month of Backblaze free and they’ll get turned on to an awesome online backup service, then they’ll get so overcome with gratitude that they’ll be obliged to thank you and might even buy you a coffee!*

Q: Why a Refer-a-Friend program?
A: Instead of just running promotions for new customers, we wanted to give our existing customers a chance to get some benefits too!

Q: Excellent, anything else?
A: That’s about it, but for more information check out the Refer-a-Friend FAQ.

*They might not buy you a coffee.


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