Backblaze Cloud Backup Release 5.2

By | January 4th, 2018

We’re pleased to start the year off the right way, with an update to Backblaze Cloud Backup, version 5.2! This is a smaller release, but does increase backup speeds, optimizes the backup client, and addresses a few minor bugs that we’re excited to lay to rest.

What’s New

  • Increased transmission speed of files between 30MB and 400MB+.
  • Optimized indexing to decrease system resource usage and lower the performance impact on computers that are backing up to Backblaze.
  • Adjusted external hard drive monitoring and increased the speed of indexing.
  • Changed copyright to 2018.

Release Version Number:

  • Mac — 5.2.0
  • PC — 5.2.0

Backblaze Personal Backup
Backblaze Business Backup

January 4, 2018

Upgrade Methods:

  • Immediately when performing a “Check for Updates” (right-click on the Backblaze icon and then select “Check for Updates”).
  • Immediately as a download from:
  • Immediately as the default download from:
  • Auto-update will begin in a couple of weeks.

This is a free update for all Backblaze Cloud Backup consumer and business customers and active trial users.



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  • David Elmore

    I upgraded and now my initial backup is proceeding about 100 times slower!

    • Hi David! That shouldn’t be the case – you may want to increase the speedthrottle or threading to help your back up speed. You may also want to reach out to support so they can take a look ->

      • David Elmore

        Hi Yev, I agree that shouldn’t happen, but it did and I have the throttle all the way up, threads at 6 or more. I have a long detailed ticket into support about this, but no reply today. When it was slow I uninstalled and re-installed it, but no luck. My upload speed tests at over 200 Mbps, and the old version gave me an average of 12 Mbps, the new version only 0.04 Mbps. On W10 task manager, very low use of CPU, memory, and disk. It sits there for ages on one part of a big image file. -David

        • Thanks for the additional info. Support should definitely take a look for you!

  • Christopher Werby

    Did you fix the umask bug? If umask is anything other than 0022 — even if more permissive like 0002 — your installer fails.

  • Aamir Bilal

    Updated! Thanks. Just wondering. Does Backblaze utilize some sort of deduplication on its backup service?

    • Yes, we deduplicate on the client before sending data up!

  • Nguyen Melisa

    Thanks admin, much appreciated.

  • Rui

    And this new version is still deleting external disc files of external HDD is not connected for more than 30days?

    • Backblaze retains your backup data for 30 days after you have deleted it, or are no longer using it. Backblaze Cloud Backup is a backup of your data, rather than a permanent archive. If you wish to have a permanent archive of your data, we offer B2 cloud storage.

      • Rui

        But I don’t need to use my external HDD every week… sometimes I don’t use it for more than 30 days, but I still want it backed up because it has important information.

        30 days it’s too soon to delete it because it’s not connected :(

        • Hi Rui! We do have an archival service that you might want to take a look at, it’s called Backblaze B2 ( You can store data there indefinitely until you decide you want it deleted.

          • Joe

            I agree with Rui on this, 30 days is too short a time limit for this. I understand it’s hard for Backblaze to distinguish between deleted files and disconnected drives but I feel a solution must be possible. B2 is not as seamless or useful as Backblaze, and is not a good solution for people who just want Backblaze but with less worry about disconnected drives.

          • Understood Joe, thank you!

      • Le Balladeer

        That’s such a nicely laid round heap of bullshit you have got there.

        So, see this:

        1. I paid and backed up few GBs
        2. I am still paying but either not connecting or not able to connect
        3. 30 days and I am still paying.
        4. But you decide “Oh, let’s keep taking customer’s money but screw the data”
        5. Customer comes back, has been paying all along, but backed up data is gone.

        That is so very convenient and very “backup”.

        • If you still have an active Backblaze account but your computer is not actively backing up or connecting to the internet the data is kept for up to 6 months. If you have an active backup but you remove or delete data while continuing to back up other data, that removed data will also be removed from our data set after 30 days.

  • Hi,

    The update process is really confusing so could you please simplify it:?

    The page you refer us to:

    is giving a 404 error.
    Then when you check for updates in the software it doesn’t take you straight to a download link which would be far better.
    And your website doesn’t have an easy link to download current versions made clear on the home page.

    • Hi Dale. I checked and didn’t get a 404 error from the download page. Are you perhaps behind a firewall? The client download links are on the individual download pages for Mac and PC. That does take a couple of clicks to get to them. We do enable auto-update after a client update has been out a little while so all you have to do is click when prompted to install the update. I hope that helps.