B2 Cloud Storage Opens Public Beta

By | December 15th, 2015

Starting today Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage has moved to Public Beta, meaning anyone can sign up and immediately start using the service. We announced the B2 Private Beta a couple of months ago and since then over 15,000 people helped find bugs, stress APIs, suggest features and more. Now it’s time to take the next….

200 Petabytes of Customer Data and Counting

By | December 9th, 2015

Backblaze now stores over 200 Petabytes of customer data on our Storage Pods. Actually, we crossed that line a few weeks ago but we were busy with our B2 Beta thing and so here we are, a little late – 200 Petabytes of customer data. Yes, 200 Petabytes is a big number – a 2….

Senior Human Resources Generalist

By | December 8th, 2015

Thank you for your interest, but this position has been filled.Please check out our jobs page for additional great opportunities at Backblaze. Backblaze continues to grow and we need someone who loves HR and someone who loves to do many different things – in the same body. If that’s you, then your next mission is….

The B2 Cloud Storage Launch, What’s Next?

By | September 25th, 2015

On Tuesday, the 22nd, Backblaze announced Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage to the world. The response has been amazing. The B2 announcement was covered by many leading tech sites including TechCrunch, Fortune, The Next Web and many more. We reached the #1 spot on HackerNews and we were also #1 on the SysAdmin Subreddit. We also….

8 Highlights in Storage Pod Evolution

By | September 17th, 2015

In September 2009, we introduced the Backblaze Storage Pod to the storage community. We then open sourced the Storage Pod’s hardware design, and included a parts list, assembly instructions, and a cool 3D Storage Pod model. This enabled anyone with the desire and ability to create their own storage system. Over the past 6 years….

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Designing the Next Storage Pod

By | September 1st, 2015

Tim holds up a drive beam and shows the design to Matt who is attending the meeting courtesy of a telepresence robot. They are discussing the results of a prototype Storage Pod developed using Agile development methodology applied to hardware design. The Storage Pod they are discussing was the result of the fifth sprint (iteration)….