Are Your Photos Safe at Kodak Gallery?

Kodak Gallery

Kodak Gallery, formerly known as “Ofoto,” claims to be the leading online digital photo developing service. Customers upload photos to the site, use it as a way to store and share photos online, and count on it as a photo backup.

However, today Kodak updated its storage policy to say that it will delete your photos if you do not purchase products from the company each year. Specifically, every 12 months customers storing:

  • Less than 2GB of photos need to purchase at least $4.99
  • More than 2GB of photos need to purchase at least $19.99

With a $100 digital camera shooting at 8MP, just 500 compressed photos or 40 uncompressed photos would take you over the 2GB limit.

Kodak Gallery provides a good photo developing service and should be able to charge for it. However, if you are counting on this as a backup of your photos—think again. Forget to purchase your minimum requirement one year? Bought your minimum, but then added some more photos and went over 2GB? Your photos may be deleted.

Kodak Gallery’s terms of service say,

“You should keep a copy of each image you upload in a secure place. We are not responsible for deleted images.”

Ensure your photos are safe, in a secure place, forever. Back them up with Backblaze.


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