4 TB USB Restore Drives Are Here: Yay!

By | July 16th, 2014

Backblaze is increasing the maximum size of our USB Hard Drive restores to use 4 TB external drives. That means when you order a USB Hard Drive restore, you can now select to restore up to 3.5 terabytes of data. That’s about a 30% increase over the previous 3 TB drives that topped out at 2.6 terabytes of data.

The price is $189, the same as before. That price includes a USB hard drive with your data, FedEx next day shipping once your data is ready, and as always you get to keep the drive. There’s no extra charge for the next day shipping and if next day shipping is not available, we’ll use the fastest means available to us via FedEx. To date we’ve shipped restore drives to Backblaze customers in all 50 states and many countries around the globe including Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan, China, France, Australia, Italy, Belgium, New Zealand, Great Britain, Trinidad and Tobago, Bermuda, Israel, Qatar, and more. In short, you’ll get your data fast and you get to keep the drive — easy.

A few of things to know

  • As noted, the 4 TB drive maxes out at about 3.5 TB of data. If you have more data than that, you will need to order additional USB Hard Drive restores. Each drive you order is $189.
  • If you have multiple computers that you need to restore from, you will need to order one drive for each separate restore.
  • If you purchase a USB Hard Drive restore, we will ship you a drive large enough to accommodate your data. For example, if you are restoring 2.1 TB of data we could ship you a 3 TB drive. The price will be $189 no matter what size drive we send.

The different ways to restore data with Backblaze

  • Web Browser — For free, you select the files/folders you want to restore using your web browser to download the files. This is good for small amounts of data, typically 1GB or less as the web browser itself is prone to timeouts and errors.
  • Backblaze Downloader — For free, you select the files/folders you want to restore using your web browser and then download and use the Backblaze Downloader to stream and checkpoint the data download. This is similar to apps like iTunes and Netflix in how data is downloaded. Be aware that larger amounts of data will consume lots of network bandwidth and will take time.
  • USB Flash Drive — For $99, you select up to 110 GB of files/folders you want to restore and get your files on 128 GB USB flash drive. We send it to you next day express (within the US) so you get your data fast and you get to keep the drive.
  • USB External Hard Drive — For $189, you select up to 3,500,000 MB of files/folders you want to restore and get your files on an external USB hard drive large enough to hold your data, up to a 4 TB drive. Once prepared, we send it to you next day express (within the US) and you get to keep the drive..


Andy Klein

Andy Klein

Director of Product Marketing at Backblaze
Andy has 20+ years experience in technology marketing. He has shared his expertise in computer security and data backup at the Federal Trade Commission, Rootstech, RSA and over 100 other events. His current passion is to get everyone to back up their data before it's too late.
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  • Really Cool !!! Great to hear this.
    Sudheera Singh

  • The drive will contains all the files and folders of my backup without any additional software or tool for restoring my files?

  • Andy

    This is a pretty cool feature! Is it 7200rpm USB 3.0?

  • Alexandra Walser

    One of your techs told me the $189 is refunded if I ship the drive back within a week. Is this the case?

    • Hello Alexandra, I’m afraid we don’t have that as a standard practice. You get to keep the drive that we send, and can use it as a local backup!

      • Alexandra Walser

        That is what your tech said-he should be better informed -or at least informed that
        misleading a customer in that way to that extent is probably illegal. Not impressed with backblaze this far.

        • We’d certainly need more information before we could approach our support team members about misleading folks, but I can tell you that we have given refunds in the past for extenuating circumstances, though it is not something we commonly do. I’m sorry you’re not enjoying Backblaze, but appreciate you giving us a try!

          • Paul

            I’ve been impressed with Backblaze. I mean $189 to get all your stuff back and a USB hard drive is way better than trying to restore a TB or two over most residential connections….

  • Paul

    This is an important feature to have. Being that I am from Canada I really appreciate that Backblaze would ship here. Many competitors only ship to the US. Good job!