USB Snapshot Hard Drive
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    USB Snapshot Hard Drive

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    If the total size of your Snapshot is greater than 10 GB, you can purchase a USB hard drive that contains your fully expanded Snapshot files that is then shipped to you. The maximum size is 7T. You can include multiple Snapshots on a single USB hard drive if the total size is less than 7T. USB Snapshot hard drives typically take 7 to 10 business days to process. All USB hard drive orders are prepared and shipped from the U.S., even if your data is stored in a non-U.S. data center.

    You can monitor the status of submitted USB Snapshots from the Snapshots page of your Backblaze account.

    After Backblaze completes your USB hard drive, an information icon is displayed with a shipment tracking number and encryption key that you need to view the contents of the drive.

    Snapshot Return Refund Program

    You can use the Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Snapshot Return Refund program if you do not need to keep a USB Snapshot drive after you copy your data from the drive. Backblaze offers refunds for returned drives within 30 days of receiving the drive.

    If you need a physical copy of your data from Backblaze B2, or you are in a location where downloading the data over the Internet is unfeasible, Backblaze B2 USB Snapshots are a great option to retrieve that data.

    Note the following items:

    • The 30-day timer begins the day that you receive the drive and ends when the returned drive is postmarked.
    • To ensure that this program continues to be sustainable for all customers, there is a limit of five (5) returned drives per account per 12-month period. You are free to order as many as you want; however, you can return only five (5) drives.
    • You are responsible for return shipping costs back to Backblaze. If you reside outside of the US, Backblaze does not pay for taxes, duties, customs, or fees. You can arrange to have them prepaid before shipping or billed to the shipper (you). Backblaze refuses packages that arrive postage due, or have taxes, fees, duties, customs, or fees upon delivery. All USB restores are prepared and shipped from the US, even if your data is stored in a non-US data center.
    • You do not have to ship with a fast and potentially expensive service. However, Backblaze recommends that you use a service that provides a tracking number just in case the package does not arrive. If you can specify delivery days with your shipper, note Backblaze cannot receive shipments on Saturdays or Sundays. You cannot drop off your returned drive in person.
    • After Backblaze receives the drive, the refund is processed within a few business days. A status email for refunds is typically sent depending on account settings. The Billing page also reflects the refund. Refunds are sent to the same card that you use to purchase the drive.

    To take advantage of this program, order a USB Snapshot. Backblaze ships you the requested data as soon as possible. When you are ready to return the drive (within 30 days), erase the drive, pack it back in the inner box, and include the cables or power adapters that were included. Do not include packing peanuts.

    Include a printed copy of your Billing page for the Backblaze account that placed the order for the USB drive. To access the Billing page, sign in to your Backblaze account, navigate to Billing in the left menu, select B2 Cloud Storage, and click Print. Ensure that the USB Snapshot purchase appears on that page. If it does not, you may be signed in to the incorrect account. Backblaze may not be able to refund the returns that do not include a printout of the correct billing information.

    To return the drive, ship to the following address:

    Backblaze Snapshot Return Refund
    201 Baldwin Ave
    San Mateo, CA 94401

    Do not drop off your drive in person.

    Backblaze cannot refund any customs, fees, tariffs, taxes, or duties that are leveraged by your government. However, you may be able to apply for a refund if you paid anything additional upon delivery. These sources for Canada, UK, EU, and Japan provide more information.

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