Native API
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    Native API

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    The Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Native API is Backblaze’s custom API that enables you to interact with Backblaze B2

    To get started, simply create a Backblaze account and enable Backblaze B2. Access your app key that lets you call the Native API.

    For all of the Backblaze API operations and their corresponding documentation, see API Documentation.

    Key Management

    Key management is unique to the Native API. The S3-Compatible API does not support key management. With key management, you can create, delete, and list keys using the following calls:

    • b2_create_key
    • b2_delete_key
    • b2_list_keys

    Pre-Signed URLs

    Instead of a pre-signed URL, the Native API requires an authorization token to be part of the API request. The b2_authorize_account request receives the authorization token that you can then use for account-level operations. If you only want to authorize downloads instead of all account-level operations, you can use the request b2_get_download_authorization to generate an authorization token, which can then be used in the URL to authenticate the request.

    Supported Connection Protocols

    Currently, only HTTPS requests are supported for Backblaze B2. File transfer protocol (FTP) or secure socket shell (SSH) are not officially supported at this time.

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