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By | August 7th, 2015


The summer is coming to a close but we decided to add another intern in to the mix. Kendall is joining us for a few weeks to work on a few “special ops” projects before heading back the U.K. to finish off her last year of boarding school. Kendall loves to travel, and we’re happy to have her join our interns: Katherine, Caitlin, Steve, and Brian. That’s the largest crop of interns yet, but they are absolutely killing it! Lets learn a bit more about Kendall shall we?

What is your Backblaze Title?
Intern [editors note: Marketing Intern]

Where are you originally from?
Born and grew up in California but I’m half Scottish and go to boarding school in England.

What do you expect to learn while being at Backblaze?
Skills in internationalization and localization.

Where else have you worked?
Camp Kennolyn in Santa Cruz the previous two summers, other than that, main job is getting good grades!

Where did you go to school?
St. Edward’s School, Oxford

What’s your dream job?
International lawyer

Favorite place you’ve traveled?
Kenya, we stayed in a place called “General’s camp” for a safari and the number of wild lions, rhinos, giraffes etc we saw was incredible.

Favorite hobby?
Track and field, specifically long jump

Of what achievement are you most proud?
County champion long jumper

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Star Wards [editors note: hah!]

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke! Duh

Favorite food?
Sushi… Or just anything with sugar in it.

Luckily for Kendall we have plenty of sugar in the office, and lots of sushi restaurants nearby! Hopefully she’ll enjoy her summer with us before heading back to England!



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