What’s Your Name Again? Somethingblaze?

No doubt about it, the name Backblaze is hard. I’ve had people come up to me at parties and say, “I love your Blackblaze site. Or was it Backbaze?” We noticed people coming to our site searching for “back blaze” or “blaze back.”

Brian Wilson’s previous company was called Codeblaze, so when he started working on a backup client, he called it Backblaze. It was supposed to be temporary, but the name grew on us.

It isn’t just our name that often gets confused or typed wrong. We see other people searching for an online backup solution type “bakcup” or “bakup.” Google’s result bring up typos from users on forums to sites with a mix of German and English right next words like “geschftsbestndigkeitsplanung.”
Maybe they are on to something. Perhaps we should change our name to Superbackupblazingfastandhappy.


About Casey Jones

Casey works on the design of the Backblaze website.