Welcome Morgan: Director of Sales

Morgan, Director of Sales at Backblaze

Backblaze continues to grow and as we do so we needed someone to take over helming our Sales department. We’ve hired quite a few folks over the last few months and the glue that holds them together is Morgan, our new director of sales. Let’s learn a bit more about Morgan shall we?

What is your Backblaze title?
Director of sales.

Where are you originally from?
Born and raised in California.

What attracted you to Backblaze?
A workplace culture that emphasizes organic growth and employee development.

What do you expect to learn while at Backblaze?
What makes Backblaze’s customers love our products and how we can serve them better.

Where else have you worked?
For the past nine years I’ve worked at Barracuda Networks. Phew.

Where did you go to school?
San Jose State, where I studied History.

What’s your dream job?
Movie director.

Favorite place you’ve traveled?
Visiting Mexico City was magical beyond words.

Favorite hobby?

Of what achievement are you most proud?
Seeing reps who I have hired and trained go on to win sales awards and exceed their annual quotas. Feels good, man.

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Lord of the Rings.

Coke or Pepsi?

Favorite food?
Thin crust pizza.

Why do you like certain things?
They make me happy and/or they make me see the world differently.

Anything else you’d like you’d like to tell us?
At age five I ruined a magician’s act. No regrets.

A fun fact about Morgan is that he DJ’d a few of our employees’ weddings and we all only found this out after he had come in to interview. Welcome aboard Morgan!


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