Welcome Athrea — Jr. Support Technician

By | September 1st, 2018

As Backblaze grows, one of the departments that grows right along with it is our support team! We do all of our support in-house from our headquarters and as we get more and more customers, the number of tickets that we receive daily also increases. To help us with those tickets, we have a brand new Jr. Support Tech! Athrea! Lets learn a bit more about her shall we?

What is your Backblaze Title?
Jr. Support Technician

Where are you originally from?
Born in the Philippines, but was raised here in San Francisco.

What attracted you to Backblaze?
The environment and the mission. While I was on site for my interview I was informed of the company’s mission and core values. I was amazed by Backblaze’s values and its aim.

What do you expect to learn while being at Backblaze?
I love to learn and anything they are willing to teach me, I would be grateful to take part in.

Where else have you worked?
In many many different places. I’ve dabbled in many different jobs. From bookstores to huge companies. I wanted to find a place I could feel comfortable at.

Favorite place you’ve traveled?
I love to travel, but so far my favorite place is an island in the Philippines called Palawan. It was absolutely beautiful. There are a few islands in Palawan that I could visit, but I went to Puerto Princesa and went to the Underground River.

Favorite hobby?
Reading, games, taking pictures, writing, watching movies and TV, exploring. I am currently still trying to finish Final Fantasy XV and Zelda Breath of the Wild. I love taking pictures. It’s been a hobby of mine since I was in high school. My cousin and I love to explore San Francisco; we love to drive around and then park the car. We’d walk around trying to discover little things about SF.

Of what achievement are you most proud?
Achieving where I said I’d be at three years ago. Three years ago, I said to myself that I would go back to school and be in the industry that I wanted to be in.

Star Trek or Star Wars?
Both? I can’t decide. I grew up watching Star Trek with my grams and Star Wars with my cousins. They both mean something to me.

Coke or Pepsi?
Coke. I’m sorry Pepsi, but Coke.

Black iced tea?
Yes, please. I love black tea. White tea is lovely too.

Favorite food?
Anything chicken, veggies, or seafood. I don’t eat red meat. I don’t really eat pork either, but bacon is just too hard to resist sometimes.

Why do you like certain things?
Too much knowledge. When I learn something new about something and I find it to be interesting, I would dive into it headfirst. I love doing research and discovering new things.

Anything else you’d like you’d like to tell us?
I’m excited to join the team.

We’re excited to have you on the team. Welcome aboard!



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