Upgrading Your OS: Windows 10 Edition

By | July 31st, 2015


Thinking about upgrading to Windows 10? Anytime you upgrade your OS there are potential pitfalls. So before you start installing Windows 10 do the following to ensure a smooth upgrade!

Windows 10 was just released by Microsoft this week and we already have numerous Backblaze subscribers that have updated to the latest operating system from Microsoft. Just like with OS X updates, Backblaze has been ready for Windows 10 for a while. The latest Backblaze version for Windows ( is Windows 10 ready and waiting for you to upgrade to the latest Windows OS. But before you do, make sure you’re putting yourself in the position to have a smooth transition.

OS Upgrade Best Practices

Before you update or do anything to an operating system we recommend doing the following two things:

  1. Make a full system backup or clone of your computer – While Backblaze has a copy of your data, the system files are not backed up. We strongly recommend that before doing any work on your OS you create a full system image or clone. That way, if something goes very wrong you’ll have a method of bringing your system back to normal. If you’re unsure of how to make a full system copy, you can take a look at our Complete Backup Guide, which has detailed instructions.
  2. Always back up your data – It’s important to have an off-site backup just in case something occurs during the new OS installation. If you’re using Backblaze, we’ve already got you covered. But as a general rule you should check to make sure you’re data is completely backed up before making any OS changes.

Updating Backblaze

Our latest Backblaze version is ready for Windows 10. Chances are you’re already using the latest and greatest version, but if you haven’t updated Backblaze in a while you can do so by:

  1. Right-clicking on the Backblaze icon and pressing “check for updates”.
  2. Going to https://secure.backblaze.com/update.htm and downloading the latest version!

So once your complete system backup is safe and secure with your clone and your data is offsite with Backblaze, you’re off to the races! It’s time to upgrade to the latest OS! You can upgrade your Windows OS by checking out Microsoft’s Windows 10 Upgrade site!



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  • Bruno Shiguemichi

    I just upgrade to windows 10, but there is an error installing the backblaze (last version).
    ERROR: BzSelfExtrator_UnZip: could not append to file: bzfilelist.exe
    ERROR: RunCommand, CreatPipe Failed, err=B

    Can someone help me?

  • Richard

    LMAO, have you ever tried to restore from CrashPlan… it will fail when you need it most. Please ensure that CP is not your only backup.

    • Vince

      Can’t say that has been my experience. CrashPlan has worked when I’ve come across it.

      • Richard

        CrashPlan may backup nicely (and did for me) but after some 700GB+ of data going into their service any restoration was impossible due to the CP clients inability to get a list of files to choose from to restore. If you millions of files in your CP Archive the client just can’t cope. That was my experience, but they may be better for smaller archives.

        • Vince Paul Wilton

          Odd – I’ve got something like 3TB on CP in the CP cloud from a single PC and I’ve restored more than once without issues and something like 20TB of other data on the “friends” backup thing I hold and restore for others from 10-20 people. Works fine in my experience.

  • Chris Moore

    How about Linux? When will you have a client for Linux? The other problem with that is that I have all my files on a network drive instead of my local machine. That is my backup because it is a RAID array on a server, but I want to have a second backup. The server is BSD Unix and my computer is Mint Linux, so I don’t have a Windows or Mac system to install the client software on.

    • Nothing to report on Linux at the moment Chris, sorry!

    • servant74

      I would use BB, but it is Crashplan for me as a #2 choice. BB runs on *nix, but it isn’t worth their time to support *nix or they would have done it already. It is just a $$ issue. Can’t say that I blame them, but I can’t hold my breath for that long either. Crashplan allows you to backup to another client even over the open ‘net, and using their servers is optional. Still BB, I’d probably convert if you supported me! I’m not CP shill, just a reasonably satisfied user.