The Real Story Behind Drive Farming

We try to be really honest and up-front here at Backblaze online backup, but we have a few things that we keep close to the chest. Even though we told the story behind our drive farming a few months ago, there were some things we didn’t tell you. We’re sorry. So, we created this video to come clean, and while we did write about a few of our drive farming methods, you can finally see the full scope of our nefarious drive farming deeds. We hope you don’t think less of us, and we appreciate everyone that helped us in our endeavors!


About Yev

Yev Pusin is the senior director of Marketing and sometimes Marketing chief of staff at Backblaze, which he joined in 2011. Yev has a degree in business and communications from the University of Iowa, where he developed an alliteration affinity. Yev enjoys writing in an amusing way about the "why" of things and how decisions are made, so that readers can learn and be entertained all at once. Follow Yev on: Twitter: @YevP | LinkedIn: Yev Pusin