Sing and Win an iPad

Nearly everyone likes to sing. And nearly everyone would like to win an iPad 3 when it becomes available. And we believe nearly everyone should backup their laptop or desktop computer with Backblaze. So we’ve combined all three into one easy contest: the “We Love You Backblaze” contest. One lucky winner will be able win an iPad 3. We’ve prepared this slick, no expenses spared, video outlining the rules, but just in case there are any questions we’ve listed the contest rules below.

How to Enter the Contest:

      1. 1. Prepare a short, 30 seconds or less, video singing the “We Love You Backblaze” song. You can change the tune and style, but try to keep the words the same or similar.
      1. 2. Upload your video online to YouTube, for example.
      1. 3. Post a link to your video on the

Backblaze wall on Facebook

    1. .
    1. 4. Share your video with friends.

General Questions

      1. 1. How many people can be in the video?

Answer 1: How many friends do you know who can sing?
Answer 2: How many people do you want to share your iPad 3 with?
Answer 3: It’s up to you.

      1. 2. Can I change the words?

Answer: A little bit is okay, but hey, we spent 15-20 minutes writing them, so be gentle.

      1. 3. Can I make it longer than 30 seconds?

Answer: Maybe 32 seconds, but that’s it. Really, keep it short and sweet.

      1. 4. Can I record it on an iPhone, Android, iPad, Camera, etc.?

Answer: You can use whatever device you wish to record your video.

      1. 5. Can I submit multiple videos?

Answer: Try to keep it to just one.


    1. 1. You must use a valid Facebook account and comply with all Facebook rules for age, content, copyrights, etc. to post a link to your video on the Backblaze wall.
    1. 2. We reserve the right to remove and not consider as a valid entry any videos which we deem inappropriate. We reserve the exclusive right to determine what is inappropriate.
    1. 3. We may ask your permission to use your video for other purposes. If you are under 18 we will require the permission of your parent or guardian.
    1. 4. The contest will end on March 9, 2012 at 11:59:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. The winner will be announced on March 16, 2012. The winner will be determined by Backblaze.
    1. 5. One iPad 3 (or whatever iPad model Apple will announce in early March 2012) will be awarded to the winner. The prize will be mailed to the winner in a timely manner once it becomes generally available to the public.
    1. 6. By submitting a video you agree to all of these rules.

So, it’s pretty simple. Sing about Backblaze for an iPad. Easy. Good luck.


About Andy Klein

Andy Klein is the Principal Cloud Storage Storyteller at Backblaze. He has over 25 years of experience in technology marketing and during that time, he has shared his expertise in cloud storage and computer security at events, symposiums, and panels at RSA, SNIA SDC, MIT, the Federal Trade Commission, and hundreds more. He currently writes and rants about drive stats, Storage Pods, cloud storage, and more.