Mommy, Where Do Pods Come From?


Stop us if you’ve heard this: “Mommy? Where do Pods come from?” It’s a question that’s been asked for years, and until now the response has been a convoluted one. For Mother’s Day, we’re going to give moms everywhere the ammunition they need to answer this difficult question.

“Where do Pods come from?”

So where do Pods come from? It turns out you can’t beat Mother Nature. It starts when one Pod loves another Pod very much, then they get together and create a little baby Pod. That Pod grows and grows until it becomes a full-sized Pod, ready to store over 180TB of data!

“Where do Pods meet?”

Well, we have lots and lots of Pods that are grouped together, as you can see below.

Backblaze Vault Datacenter

Just like with humans, if you’re in close proximity to the right person, eventually you might start developing feelings for them. In their case, Pods often find themselves rubbing up against each other and as we all know, that can lead to some interesting results. ;)

When Pods find that they like each other, they try to get to know each other a bit better. Sometimes this means going on walks and chatting about the latest hard drive or gossiping about their next rack neighbors.


If the initial courting goes well, maybe they’ll go out and grab a cup of coffee. Sure, having drinks in the data center isn’t a great idea, but who are we to stand in the way of true love? Though we typically require them to use sippy cups, just in case.

2015-03-26 16.32.27

Of course, there are some adventurous Pods who are looking for love beyond the Pod next door. In that case, we fully support cloud dating by making sure our Pods are always connected and able to scan the entire data center to find their cloud mate.


Taking the Next Step

When Pod couples do decide to settle down though, a little miracle often appears (banana for scale).

2015-03-26 11.55.45

Backblaze Storage Pods live long and happy lives, reading and writing data, but even Pods don’t live forever. When it is time for the Pods to go to the great big data center in the sky though, we try to reuse them as best we can.


And thus, the baby Pod grows and matures in a storage crib until it’s ready to be deployed in the data center.


And who knows; maybe it’ll get racked next to the love of its life.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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