Lisa Forgets Her ID, Backblaze to the Rescue!

In May, our Marketing Intern Lisa joined me (her brother) at Backblaze for a month-long internship. Lisa goes to school at McGill University in Montreal, so we don’t get to see each other very often, and what better way to do some sibling bonding than to order her around the office. One of the brother-sister activities we planned during her time in California was to take a bit of a road trip down to LA for a comedy show, in celebration of my birthday.

One thing about comedy shows is, they are usually held in comedy clubs. And comedy clubs typically require that you have and show an ID, no exceptions, because many of them serve alcohol inside the venue, and in doing so, they need to check everyone’s ID to properly stamp anyone over 21 years old, and the younger folks. Lisa is 19, and I love her very much, but sometimes she’s a bit of a dunce, and in this particular case she forgot to bring her ID and her entire purse with her on our road trip to LA. She decided to tell me this around the four hour mark of our journey asking, “Hey, do I need my ID for this?”

What happened next was some good old-fashioned sibling ribbing:

We were making plans for her to wait for me at the hotel while I went and enjoyed Hollywood Babble-On, or sit in a coffee shop and wait until the show was over, but then she remembered that she had Backblaze (which she pays for on her own) installed on her computer. And on that computer she had a copy of her passport from a trip that we took last year. After calling the comedy club and confirming that they would accept a printed out ID, we got to our hotel, restored the file from the Backblaze website, and then printed it out. The comedy club accepted it as promised, and we were able to make it to the show on time. Just another example of Backblazers not being immune to data loss, or in this case, extreme forgetfulness.


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