Leveraging Backblaze Drive Stats to Boost Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Sales: A Guide for Reseller Partners

If you’re a reseller partner, we know it’s hard to cut through the noise and get potential clients interested in the services you sell. It helps when you’re able to share relevant, useful, truly valuable information with them to build your brand and engage potential clients in prospective services. 

The Backblaze Drive Stats reports can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. They not only provide insights into drive reliability but also empower you to better position and sell Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage. So, let’s dig into what Drive Stats are and how you can use them to serve your clients.

What Are Drive Stats?

The Backblaze Drive Stats reports include a comprehensive set of data that Backblaze openly shares about the performance and reliability of the hard drives that we use in our data centers. The data we publish is excellent for building trust with customers—it’s unique in the industry, regularly covered in industry media, and used by everyone from IT admins to research institutions to inform their strategies. Use it to level up your understanding of hard drives in general—including how they affect cloud storage infrastructure—and to build trust with end users around Backblaze in particular.

How Can I Use Drive Stats as a Reseller?

Identifying and Addressing Customer Concerns

You probably encounter customer concerns regarding the potential risks associated with data storage—both on premises and in the cloud—all the time. With Drive Stats, you can speak to those concerns with hard data on drive failure rates. This data-driven approach empowers customers to make optimal operational decisions and positions you as a knowledgeable, trusted advisor in their cloud storage journey.

Tailoring Solutions to Customer Needs

Every business has unique data storage and backup requirements, often a combination of on premises and cloud based data storage. In crafting the proper storage solution for your clients, you are often confronted with cost versus reliability trade-offs. The Backblaze Drive Stats reports provide a dependable source of unbiased drive reliability statistics when local data storage is required. With the Drive Stats data at hand, you can apply your knowledge and experience to confidently propose and deliver a comprehensive, cost-effective data storage and backup solution at a fair price that meets your customers’ unique needs.

Educating Customers on Data Management Best Practices

Beyond selling a product, you play a vital role in educating your customers on best practices for data management. Backblaze Drive Stats provide you with valuable insights that can be shared with your clients to help them make informed decisions about their storage strategy. By educating customers on the factors that contribute to reliable and efficient data storage, you position yourselves as trusted advisors in the rapidly evolving world of cloud technology.

Drive Stats as Your Competitive Advantage

In the competitive landscape of cloud storage solutions, reseller partners can gain a strategic advantage by harnessing the power of Backblaze Drive Stats as an effective, valuable, and powerful piece of content. The stats not only enhance transparency and build trust with customers but also empower resellers to effectively address concerns, tailor solutions, and educate clients on data management best practices. By leveraging this valuable resource, resellers can position themselves as leaders in the market and drive the success of Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.


About Mary Ellen Cavanagh

Mary Ellen Cavanagh is a seasoned technologist specializing in data protection and storage. After 25 years of experience as a partner ecosystem solutions engineer, she now tells it like it is as a Sr. Partner Marketing Manager at Backblaze. When she's not busy developing go-to-market strategies and campaigns with Backblaze's channel partners, she can be found doing Sunday New York Times crossword puzzles—in pencil—with her wasband and cuddling with her five fur babies. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Twitter.