In-Game Datacenter

By | August 25th, 2014


At Backblaze, we’re always thinking about the future of hard drive storage. A report posted a few days ago on The Verge states that there has been “construction of a hard drive inside of Minecraft that’s said to be capable of storing 1KB of data”. You can even watch a walk-through of the hard drive on Polygon.

While we would love to use this Minecraft hard drive, storing our current 100 petabytes of data would require 100,000,000,000,000 of these 1KB hard drives. Alas, we’ll need to continue putting 6TB drives in our Storage Pods, getting 270TB per pod.

And yet…we are left wondering what the failure rates of “virtual” storage would be. Can an in-game hard drive fail? What happens if the server goes down for an update, will it reboot with that virtual hard drive still in-tact? Would raiding players be able to steal your data? Would high defensive walls amount to encryption? What would occur if someone dug underneath the hard drive and tried to breach the data that way? All interesting questions, that we hope to explore soon! And if the Minecrafters can build denser storage, we might just move the Backblaze datacenter in-game.



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