Deleted or Changed a File You Need Back? Backblaze Can Help!

How to Restore Lost Files

Sometimes we like to spotlight some of our most-used functionality. This particular feature of Backblaze Personal Backup can get you out of a bind. Suddenly find yourself looking for a missing file? Or have you opened a file only to find out that it’s changed?

Having a local backup can get you to recover quickly. If you have a Time Machine backup for your Mac, Windows Backup for your PC, hard disk clone, or another backup, now’s the time to put it into action. But what if that backup isn’t working or has gone missing?

How it came to this is much less important than how to get back what’s gone. Fortunately, Backblaze users have a secret weapon at their fingertips which can erase up to a month’s worth of mistakes! Backblaze helps you recover a file from a point before it was changed or deleted, going back 30 days. Here’s how.

To restore a deleted or changed file using Backblaze:

  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Click on View/Restore Files under Overview.
  4. Scroll down the screen to view your current backup.
  5. At the top of your backup directory, specify the date range of the backup files. Leave the “from” menu set to “Beginning of Time.” Set the “to” menu to a date or time before the document was deleted or changed. If you’re not sure when the file was changed, go back to the earliest instance you can find.
  6. Once you’ve located the disk, file, or folder you’d like to restore, click the checkbox next to its name.
  7. Click the “Continue With Restore” button.

Enormous file and directory restores can take a while, especially if you have limited internet bandwidth. If you have a very large file or directory to recover—500GB or more—you can use our Restore Return Refund program.

Restore Return Refund sends your backup on disk to make for an easy, straightforward restoration. Select the file or directories you want to restore. Then order them to be sent to you on a USB hard disk drive (for restores up to 4TB). We restore your files safely and securely from our data center onto that device, which FedEx delivers to your door. You can keep the drive if you wish, or return it to us within 30 days, and we’ll refund the price—$189 for the 4TB drive.

With Backblaze keeping track of your files, rest more comfortably knowing that you can undo mistakes and tragedies before they become full-blown crises.


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