Deleted or Changed A File You Need Back? Backblaze Can Help!

By | April 25th, 2017

How to Restore Lost Files

Sometimes we like to spotlight some of our most-used functionality. This particular feature of Backblaze’s Personal Backup can get you out of a bind: Suddenly find yourself looking for a missing file? Or have you opened a file only to find out that it’s changed?

Having a local backup can get you recover quickly. If you have a Time Machine backup for your Mac, Windows Backup for your PC, hard disk clone or another backup, now’s the time to put it into action. But what if that backup isn’t working or has gone missing?

How it came to this is much less important than how to get back what’s gone. Fortunately, Backblaze users have a secret weapon at their fingertips which can erase up to a month’s worth of mistakes! Backblaze helps you recover a file from a point before it was changed or deleted, going back 30 days. Here’s how.

To restore a deleted or changed file using Backblaze

  1. Sign in to your account on
  2. Click on My Account.
  3. Click on View/Restore Files under Overview.
  4. Scroll down the screen to view your current backup.
  5. At the top of your backup directory, specify the date range of the backup files. Leave the “from:” menu set to “Beginning of Time.” Set the “to:” menu to a date or time before the document was deleted or changed. If you’re not sure when the file was changed, go back to the earliest instance you can find.
  6. Once you’ve located the disk, file, or folder you’d like to restore, click the checkbox next to its name.
  7. Click the “Continue with Restore” button.

Enormous file and directory restores can take a while, especially if you have limited Internet bandwidth. If you have a very large file or directory to recover – 500 GB or more – you can use our Restore Return Refund program.

Restore Return Refund sends your backup on disk to make for an easy, straightforward restoration. Select the file or directories you want to restore. Then order them to be sent to you either on USB thumbdrive (for restores up to 128 GB) or USB hard disk drive (for restores up to 4 TB). We restore your files safely and securely from our data center onto that device, which FedEx delivers to your door. You can keep the drive if you wish, or return it to us within 30 days, and we’ll refund the price – $99 for the USB thumb drive, $189 for the 4 TB drive.

With Backblaze keeping track of your files, rest more comfortably knowing that you can undo mistakes and tragedies before they become full-blown crises.

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  • Barbara Snyder

    I’m looking for files I deleted. Even some that are less than a week old are not there (in the backup), let alone older ones. A few are still in the trash but most have been emptied from the trash; even those in the trash are not available in the backup. Is this by design? We are using your business product.

    • Emily Miller

      Hi Barbara!
      When searching for your recently deleted files, did you try rolling back time? We have a helpful article on the process located here

      For further assistance please reach out to our support team by navigating to the bottom of the Help page and either submitting a ticket or initiating a live chat.

      Emily Miller

      • Barbara Snyder

        I just got back from vacation to try this again. But now I can’t choose the date to roll back to. The files were created on 10/27 and the TO dates I have to choose from jump from 10/23 to 10/30. I imagine I deleted them on the 27th. So as far as I can tell, there is no way to roll back to a specific date that is more than 7 days ago. That is, I can’t choose a date that is 10 days ago. So I don’t see how I can recover a file that was deleted between (in this case) 7 and 14 days ago.

  • Jonah Horowitz

    Given what happened with WannaCry, would this feature protect against ransomware?

  • OllieJones

    What’s the story on recovering from ransomware using this back-in-time feature? It would be helpful if you’d write a blog post about recovering from ransomware attacks using backups.

    (I know applying updates is the first line of defense. Still, defense-in-depth is good.)

    Personally, I have the habit of saying “use backblaze” to friends and colleagues, and it’s likely some of them will ask me about this. Please help me give authoritative answers.

    • Great idea. I’d like to address that in a future post.

  • EthernetCable

    Backblaze’s 30 day history is far too short. It’s pretty much the only reason I use your main competitor instead. What if you mistakenly deleted a treasured photo more than 30 days ago?

    • If you’re looking for a service that’s more of an archive that keeps your data forever instead of a backup you can use our B2 product along with some of our integrators! Check it out here ->

      • Le Balladeer

        Only that B2 doesn’t come with an excellent app like your backup app. Yeah, I know there’s the cli thingie and then this and then that but a huuuuge USP of your backup service is your excellent minimal and functional app. If only there was an app for B2 by BackBlaze even if it’s minimal but something that’s rock solid and GUI like BackBlaze app.

        And as @disqus_PEnR0QtwUk:disqus says your data retention policy (which is ridiculous in my humble opinion; okay, screw the external drive, at least the main computer that’s connected to the BackBlaze Cloud should get some respect :D) is the only thing that is stopping me from using BackBlaze.

        Also, when you offer an “unlimited” data backup plan and argue about “archiving vs backup” it just sounds like an excuse. How do you explain this scenaraio – I backed up a file and went on vacation and lost that file and since that file wasn’t seen by BackBlaze within X days I it’s gone! Kaput! And I have been paying all the while for that file on your systems. Just like that? Really?

        • We designed the service to work similarly to Time Machine, or be an “active” 1:1 backup of the data on your computer. Archiving is a permanent place for your data to live, regardless of what happens to the original copy. In the above example, we do have a 6-month retention policy in place if your computer dies or becomes unusable/doesn’t connect to our service – so if you leave your computer at home during this vacation for example, we’d retain the data until you got back – and you’d have access to it from other devices while on the trip.

          We do hear you though, and we’re considering adding some B2 connectors to the app possibly that might make it easier to use the services together – though we haven’t quite hammered that out yet.

          • Le Balladeer

            Thank you for doing something with B2 in main app. I hope we see it soon. It will be awesome I am sure.

            And I also understand that the design is like Time Machine.

            Also, I understand not keeping various versions of a file forver – or not too long, I understand not keeping deleted files forever – or not even too long, but what I can’t understand is “not keeping the last active data” forever, i.e. last set of data that was on my computer when it connected last to your servers, while I am paying for it or willing to pay for it. It’s not about coming back in six months. It’s about trust, reliability, peace of mind. When I am going for a “connect and forget” kind of backup solution the last thing I want to deal with is some “conditions” to keep in mind even if they are few. And no it’s not permanent archiving in my humble opinion. But then again I am sure you guys know what you are doing. I am just an end user who loved the Backblaze app and service – the overall experience – when he used it but couldn’t go for a subscription because of certain plicies that didn’t favour me :-)

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