Holiday Gift Guide – Backblaze Style

By | December 10th, 2014

We all have those hard to shop for members of our family, and at Backblaze, we wanted to take a moment and make your holiday shopping conundrums a bit easier to solve. We realize this is coming out a bit late in the holiday gift guide season, so we pooled together some items that you could get fairly quickly, if you act fast!

For those of your family who just can’t shake their nostalgia this 3.5″ floppy is a great get, and best of all, a ten pack is only $7.95 at


Need a bit more data, but want a functional way to carry it around? May we introduce you to the Stick Around! You can prop up your phone with this beauty, plus it has a 4GB hardcore storage capability:

Have a budding young data fan in your family? Get them this adorable little Minion USB Key (for tons of other novelty flash keys take a gander at Amazon:

Too old for minions or novelty flash keys? Well, what about a nice piece of hardware? Get some wood, 1 whole TB worth:
wooden USB

OK, wood might be a bit too much, but what about something to compliment that new Mac Pro you got? How about a nice 1TB sphere:

Perhaps 1TB futuristic drives aren’t your thing? You need a bit more space because you collect lots of “data”? A Drobo is the thing for you:

“5 hard drive slots? What am I? A peasant? My cat photo library itself is over 100TB!” Is that so? Fine…you deserve your own Backblaze storage pod…a Storinator:storinator_splash.1

So now that you have all that fancy hardware, you need to fill it with hard drives right? Might we humbly suggest these HGST drives:

Wait, you didn’t need to store your data at all, you just wanted your phone to look awesome? We totally misunderstood. Here’s a rad case:

We hope that helps with your holiday gift giving angst. If you’re still looking for something though, a great gift that keeps on giving is a Backblaze gift code. You can buy a gift code for someone today, and help keep their important data safe for the years to come! It’s better than coal right? Plus you don’t have to wait for shipping…

*Update* This beautiful little watch was just brought to our attention. It is an Indiegogo campaign, but boy is it adorable…we present, the hard drive watch:



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