Get a Clear Picture of Your Data Spread With Backblaze and DataIntell

Do you know where your data is? It’s a question more and more businesses have to ask themselves, and if you don’t have a definitive answer, you’re not alone. The average company manages over 100TB of data. By 2025, it’s estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be created each day globally. That’s a massive amount of data to keep tabs on.

But understanding where your data lives is just one part of the equation. Your next question is probably, “How much is it costing me?” A new partnership between Backblaze and DataIntell can help you get answers to both questions.

What Is DataIntell?

DataIntell is an application designed to help you better understand your data and
storage utilization. This analytic tool helps identify old and unused files and gives better
insights into data changes, file duplication, and used space over time. It is designed to
help you manage large amounts of data growth. It provides detailed, user friendly, and accurate analytics of your data use, storage, and cost, allowing you to optimize your storage and monitor its usage no matter where it lives—on-premises or in the cloud.

How Does Backblaze Integrate With DataIntell?

Together, DataIntell and Backblaze provide you with the best of both worlds. DataIntell allows you to identify and understand the costs and security of your data today, while Backblaze provides you with a simple, scalable, and reliable cloud storage option for the future.

“DataIntell offers a unique storage analysis and data management software which facilitates decision making while reducing costs and increasing efficiency, either for on-prem, cloud, or archives. With Backblaze and DataIntell, organizations can now manage their data growth and optimize their storage cost with these two simple and easy-to-use solutions.
—Olivier Rivard, President/CTO, DataIntell

How Does This Partnership Benefit Joint Customers?

This partnership delivers value to joint customers in three key areas:

  • It allows you to make the most of your data wherever it lives, at speed, and with a 99.9% uptime SLA—no cold delays or speed premiums.
  • You can easily migrate on-premises data and data stored on tape to scalable, affordable cloud storage.
  • You can stretch your budget (further) with S3-compatible storage predictably priced at a fraction of the cost of other cloud providers.

“Unlike legacy providers, Backblaze offers always-hot storage in one tier, so there’s no juggling between tiers to stay within budget. By partnering with DataIntell, we can offer a cost-effective solution to joint customers looking to simplify their storage spend and data management efforts.”
—Nilay Patel, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, Backblaze

Getting Started With Backblaze B2 and DataIntell

Are you looking for more insight into your data landscape? Contact our Sales team today to get started.


About Jennifer Newman

Jen Newman is the partner marketing director for Backblaze. She has an extensive background in data protection software and storage, both on-premises and in the cloud. She started her IT career in sales, then became a solutions marketing and competitive intelligence guru before taking on the partner realm. Outside the business world, Jen is a hockey mom, weightlifter, and always on the go. Connect with Jen on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.