Bring Your File System to the Cloud With Backblaze + CTERA

You know your file system. You love your file system (suspend your disbelief for a moment). You can find what you need (mostly). The hierarchy makes sense (kind of). Anyway—the point is, it’s convenient and it works.

You also know object storage offers scalability and cost savings that you’d love to tap into to either replace or extend your on-premises file servers or NAS. But how do you move your data to the cloud safely and securely without overhauling your entire file system to work with object storage?

Through a new partnership with CTERA, you can extend your corporate file system to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage while maintaining all of your existing permissions, file structures, and security protocols.

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The joint solution unlocks meaningful opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises. Through the partnership, you can:

  • Store all of your unstructured data in one centralized place, while maintaining instant and reliable access.
  • Retire legacy file servers and NAS devices along with the time and expense required to maintain them.
  • Empower a remote workforce and multi-site collaboration.
  • Establish a resilient disaster recovery, business continuity, and ransomware mitigation plan.
  • Optimize your budget with pay-as-you-go cloud storage pricing that’s a quarter the price of equivalent offerings.

“If you’re tired of buying new equipment every three years; replacing hard drives; paying for maintenance, or power, or space in a data center; and all of the headaches of managing remote user access, then the CTERA and Backblaze partnership is perfect for you. The setup is incredibly easy and the immediate budget and staffing relief will give you resources to tackle new opportunities. You’ll never have to—or want to—upgrade your NAS again.”
—Nilay Patel, VP of Sales, Backblaze

How It Works

CTERA’s Enterprise File Services Platform, through their core global file system technology, extends the capabilities of traditional NAS and file servers to the cloud. The joint solution provides fast local file access via cached files in CTERA’s Edge Filers, while storing the primary copy of your data in hot storage with Backblaze B2 for just $5/TB per month with a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Users across your enterprise have access to shared files via their Windows, Mac, or mobile devices, and data generated at the edge is automatically backed up to Backblaze B2 and accessible across your organization. The flexibility and extensibility of the Backblaze B2 + CTERA partnership consolidates your remote IT infrastructure and reduces the burden on your IT team to manage remote devices.

For customers that have distributed sites across the U.S. and EU, regions can be defined within CTERA and Backblaze B2 to ensure data is GDPR compliant. CTERA also offers an SDK for developers, enabling them to automatically configure Edge Filers and synchronize to Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage using infrastructure as code.

“We’re seeing a massive shift from traditional NAS to cloud NAS, from edge to core access, as organizations evolve and expand. CTERA is committed to providing the widest choice of cloud to our customers. The Backblaze-CTERA partnership establishes a compelling, new, cost-effective storage option for companies that wish to tier their data to the cloud for redundancy and collaboration.”
—Oded Nagel, Chief Strategy Officer, CTERA


CTERA is the edge-to-cloud file services leader, powering more than 50,000 connected sites and millions of corporate users. CTERA offers the industry’s most feature-rich global file system, enabling enterprises to centralize file access from any edge location or device without compromising performance or security. The CTERA Enterprise File Services Platform makes it easy for organizations to consolidate legacy NAS, backup and disaster recovery systems, and collaboration platforms while reducing costs by up to 80% versus legacy solutions. CTERA is trusted by the world’s largest companies, including McDonald’s, GE, Unilever, and Live Nation, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense and other government organizations worldwide.

Interested in Learning More?

Join us for a webinar on April 27, 2022 at 8 a.m. PST/11 a.m. EST to discover how to tier your file structure intelligently into Backblaze B2 with CTERA—register here. Anyone interested in exploring the solution today can check out the CTERA Solution Brief.


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Jen Newman is the partner marketing director for Backblaze. She has an extensive background in data protection software and storage, both on-premises and in the cloud. She started her IT career in sales, then became a solutions marketing and competitive intelligence guru before taking on the partner realm. Outside the business world, Jen is a hockey mom, weightlifter, and always on the go. Connect with Jen on LinkedIn and follow her on Twitter.