Backblaze Supports Apple’s macOS High Sierra

By | September 26th, 2017

Backblaze on Apple macOS High Sierra

Apple has released the latest version of its Macintosh operating system, macOS 10.13 “High Sierra.” It is available as a free download in the Mac App Store.

We thought we’d put up a quick post today to let everyone know that the Backblaze Macintosh client has been tested and is compatible with High Sierra. For most users, your existing client is already compatible. Backblaze users can be certain they have the latest version of our client by selecting Check For Updates… from the Backblaze icon in the Apple Menu Bar.

We wrote about the features and changes in the new Mac operating system in our recent blog post, Backblaze’s Upgrade Guide for macOS High Sierra. Highlights include improvements to the file system, video support, graphics, Siri, photos, and the Safari browser.

Backblaze recommends backing up your computer before making major changes such as installing a new version of the operating system. See our previous post on High Sierra or our Mac Backup Guide for assistance.

Roderick Bauer

Roderick Bauer

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  • is it possible just select set of directories to backup instead of “backup of everything without exclude set”?

    • We back up everything except system files and programs and enable you to select exclusions by file type or by directory rather than specifying inclusions. It’s based on the philosophy that it’s better to include everything rather than miss something that the user needed.

      • Wrong philosophy. Backup all the trash, instead of the backup only necessary data. bandwidth and data cup are still limited (comcast — 1tb per month). So for fitting my requirements i need to spend a day for excluding all the system and unnecessary stuff and daily control the lists… look like this solution best fit for house keepers. not to me.

        Just let me know, when you add such option to your backup agent. I’ll get back

  • Thanks!