Backblaze Release 2.2

Backblaze has a new version out today, and as we’re fond of saying, it’s the best build ever!

Here’s the info:

Release Date: 6/5/13
Version: 2.2

Auto-Update: No


  • ZIP file downloader now retries to download ZIP files regardless of how many times the network connection fails/restarts during the download.
  • “Question Mark” button in the Backblaze Downloader now launches URL with a “version” in the URL for support.
  • Added additional error messaging to the installer.
  • Clarified error logging messages when a file could not be opened in certain log files.
  • Increased the maximum size of a “Backup State” supported in “Transfer Backup State” (1GB to 1.5GB).
  • Excluded some temporary folders in the Chrome browser.
  • Improvements in German translation.
  • Fixed issue with Japanese characters in ZIP downloader.
  • Misc other small changes.


  • All fixes listed above.
  • Made preparing “todo” list of files faster on Mac—faster file scanning when preparing a backup.
  • Fix for installing in esoteric situations like Time Machine being installed on root drive.
  • Re-added exclusions left out during upgrade from OSX 10.7 to OSX 10.8.

Update now! You can download the latest client here, or by right clicking your Backblaze icon and pressing “Check for Updates…”



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