Backblaze Joins the CDN Alliance

A decorative image that features the Backblaze logo and the CDN Alliance logo.

As the leading specialized storage cloud platform, Backblaze is a big proponent of the open, collaborative nature of independent cloud service providers. From our participation in the Bandwidth Alliance to our large ecosystem of partners, we’re focused on what we call “Phase Three” of the cloud. What’s happening in Phase Three? The age of walled gardens, hidden fees, and out of control egress fees driven by the hyperscalers is in the past. Today’s specialized cloud solutions are oriented toward what’s best for users—an open, multi-cloud internet.

Which is why I’m particularly happy to announce today that we’ve joined the CDN Alliance, a nonprofit organization and community of industry leaders focused on ensuring that the content delivery network (CDN) industry is evolving in a way that best serves businesses distributing content of every type around the world—from streaming media to stock image resources to e-commerce and more.

The majority of the content we consume today on our many devices and platforms is being delivered through a CDN. Being part of the CDN Alliance allows Backblaze to collaborate and drive innovation with our peers to ensure that everyone’s content experience only gets better.

Through participation in and sponsorships of joint events, panels, and gatherings, we look forward to working with the CDN Alliance on the key challenges facing the industry, including availability, scalability, reliability, privacy, security, sustainability, interoperability, education, certification, regulations, and numerous others. Check out the CDN Alliance and its CDN Community for more info.

For more resources on CDN integrations with Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage you can read more about our top partners here.

About Elton Carneiro

Elton Carneiro is the director of partnerships for Backblaze. He enjoys solving complex customer workflows and finding ways for customers to use Backblaze B2. He is continuously seeking out partnerships to add to the Backblaze ecosystem. He also likes pursuing ideas that think outside the box, so if you have one, feel free to connect with him. Apart from establishing and maintaining these partnerships, Elton likes to do a bit of coding. During his spare time he likes to golf.