Clones and Clouds: The Force Unites

Whether you’re responsible for an empire, a republic or just a group of rebels, keeping your computers fully armed and operational is important. Just as important is keeping your data current and available even when your base is destroyed or your computers are trapped in carbonite. Things can change quickly in our galaxy. Not everyone….

Have You Tested Your Backup Lately?

Everyone should be backing up, right? Sure. Backups, though, aren’t important. If you want to get your data back, the thing you should be worried about is the restore. Can you restore your data? A backup you can’t restore data from is worthless. Don’t assume no news is good news from your backups. You test….

Adding Google Drive To Your Backup Plan

Backing up your Google documents seems rather redundant doesn’t it? Google does that stuff for you, right? However, forgetting to backup your Google items is something you could deeply regret. There are a few common reasons for this error and some easy ways to prevent it. Risk of Accidental Deletion or Removal Although Google keeps….