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Backblaze for Business

What is Backblaze for Business?
Backblaze for Business, through its Groups functionality, is how MSPs, IT consultants and computer repair shops provide Backblaze to their customers. Groups will allow you to centrally manage and pay for all of your customers. Your customer can have access to their data as well. If desired, you can pay for the account and restrict access so only the customer has access. You decide what the access privileges will be when you create the group.

Groups will provide you the following capabilities:
  1. organization of your customers by groups
  2. ability for both you and your customers to manage restores and backups
  3. ability to buy licenses as you go with no minimum requirements
  4. monthly or annual billing
  5. 10% commission on all Computer Backup sales

How do I get started with Groups?
  1. Create a Backblaze account or use an existing one.
  2. Sign In, navigate to MY SETTINGS and check the box marked BUSINESS GROUPS. You may need to verify your email address.
  3. Start creating groups and sending invites to your customers.
  4. Set up payment for the group with your credit card or the customer's
  5. Send an email to to register the email address for the account you'll be using to manage Groups. Registration must be made within three days in order to receive a 10% commission on Business Groups sales. We only need this master account email address and there's no need to provide Group information.

How much do I earn reselling Computer Backup?
You get paid 10% on all Computer Backup sales and will get a payment from us once you have accrued $100.

When do I get paid?
Payments are made quarterly.

How can I track my Groups sales?
Login to your account, navigate to the Billing section on the lower left and select Groups to see your sales organized by year.

Can I use Groups to support residential customers?

Can I use Groups to manage Servers and NAS?
Yes you can do so by using our cloud storage product, B2. Billing for B2 is separate from Groups and commissions are only paid for Computer Backup.

I set up a Backblaze for Business account prior to January 1st, 2017. How do I add new licenses to my account?
If you are an existing Backblaze for Business customer and want to add new licences, you can do so by emailing

B2 Cloud Storage

Backblaze B2 is our cloud storage solution that allows you to manage data on your servers and NAS from your Groups account. B2 is similar to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage or other object storage systems. It's just much more affordable!

Can I use Groups to manage B2?

Can I get a commission for providing B2?
No. We don't pay partners commissions on B2 but the pricing is so remarkably low that you can easily mark it up to make an attractive profit.

How do I set up B2?
Get started with B2 by signing up here. Or if you already have a Backblaze account you can login and enable B2 from the MY SETTINGS menu.

Other Stuff

How do I purchase prepaid licenses?
Backblaze no longer provides discounted prepaid licenses to partners. However gift codes can be purchased here for $x each.

Does Backblaze allow me to rebrand the product?

What if I don't want to use Groups but want to get paid for referring customers to Backblaze?
You can use your affiliate link to get paid for referrals without using Groups.