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To contact the Backblaze Affiliate Marketing team, email us at:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up to be an affiliate?
Thanks for your interest in becoming an affiliate with Backblaze! Please visit our Partner Page and select Affiliate in the drop-down to register with us as an affiliate partner. After you do, you'll receive an email with your affiliate links and all the information you'll need to get started.

Where do I find my affiliate ID?
Once you sign up to become an affiliate, you will receive a welcome email from the Backblaze affiliate program. You can find your affiliate ID in that welcome email.

How can I create an affiliate link?
Our Affiliate Starter Guide shows you how to create an affiliate link using your affiliate ID. You need to incorporate your affiliate ID into the affiliate link in order to make a commission.


Example for an affiliate ID that is af9999:

But your affiliate ID most likely is not af9999, so please be sure to use your affiliate ID or you won't get credit for any sales.

How do cookies work with Backblaze affiliate links?
When someone clicks on or types in your affiliate link, their browser is "cookied" with your affiliate ID for 30 days. If that person creates an account and purchases Backblaze using that browser during the next 30 days, you will receive a commission for that sale. The cookie file name is: bz_billing_partner_id and its contents would be similar to: af9999_845972984572

What is the best link for me to use?
Over 70% of visitors who install our free 15 day trial convert to paying customers, so we recommend using our free trial link:

For help with creating your affiliate link, please refer to the above question "How can I create an affiliate link?"

Can my affiliate link land on another web page on the Backblaze website?
Yes, for most of the pages on the Backblaze web site you can do the following:

Format:{affiliate id}?redirect={web page}

Example: Affiliate af9999 wants to link to

Can I redirect to web pages on other sites using this mechanism?
No, you can only redirect to pages on the Backblaze website.

Can I have my own landing page on the Backblaze website?
We reserve the option to provide a co-branded web page on our website for our best affiliates. If this is something you are interested in, please email us.

Your affiliate link is really long and people I give it to can't remember it. What can I do?
Here are a couple of suggestions:
  1. Make a webpage on your site that redirects to Backblaze for example: redirects to your affiliate link.
  2. Make your affiliate link into a "nameable" link such as: This will require that you have a account.

Do I get affiliate commissions on Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage?
No, you do not receive commissions on Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage.

Do I get commissions on renewals?
Yes, you will receive a 10% commission on each new renewal revenue from your referred customers.

What is the minimum threshold to receive commission?
The minimum threshold is $100.

When will I receive my commission?
When you have accrued over $100 in commissions, our Accounting team will reach out to you for a PayPal email address and W8 / W9 form. This email will come from Once you provide the requested information, our Accounting team will process your commission in the next batch of payouts.

Can you pay by any other way other than PayPal?
No, we cannot pay by check or any other way other than PayPal.

How can I earn more commission?
You can maximize your earnings by encouraging your clients to sign up for Extended Version History. By default, Backblaze saves old versions or deleted files for 30 days. With Extended Version History, your clients can extend that to 1 Year or Forever for an additional fee which will contribute to your commission.

My customer signed up but did not use my link. Can I get credit retroactively?
No, it's critical that your customer uses your link prior to creating their account. Sorry but there is no way we can give you credit retroactively.

Is there a portal where I can login and check my sales?
Unfortunately, we do not have a portal for affiliates to log into. You can wait for us to send your monthly report or email us periodically for a report.

Can I get a monthly report automatically sent to me for my affiliate ID?
Unfortunately, at the moment, we do not send out monthly reports automatically. When our Accounting team sends you a payment, they will include your monthly report. In the meantime, you are welcome to either email us for your report or wait until you receive a payment.

What kind of data is on the affiliate report?
You will get the number of landings, downloads, accounts created and sales for your affiliate ID. You will also see the amount of sales credited to your affiliate ID and your current commission.

I have a really great idea for a promotion, who do I talk to?
Send us an email and we'd be happy to discuss!

Will Backblaze advertise on my web site/blog/newsletter/etc?
Our advertising budget is limited, so we don't typically do this, but you can always ask us through email.

Where can I find media assets that I can use?
You can find datasheets, logos, icons, screenshots, and banners here:

I really like a graphic on your web site, but it's not in the media assets given above. Can I use it anyway?
Probably, but please ask us first by emailing us. Sometimes we license a photo or graphic to use on our website, and you do not have the rights to use it.

Do you offer discounts and coupon codes I can use?
From time-to-time, we do offer these types of promotions. The Affiliate e-newsletter will provide notice and details of such programs.

How do I get the Affiliate e-newsletter?
When you signed up to become a Backblaze Affiliate, you agreed to accept email from us, including the Affiliate e-newsletter. If you unsubscribe from receiving our emails, you will no longer receive the e-newsletter.

Speaking of email, can I get the list of the email addresses I referred to Backblaze?
Unfortunately, no. When a user signs up, they are contracting with Backblaze for the service. Our privacy policies prohibit us from sharing personal user information, such as email addresses.

Can you check if a specific customer signed up?
Please send us the email addresses for the accounts you believe signed up using your affiliate link. We can verify, but we cannot give you credit retroactively.

We are a Reseller, can we use the affiliate link?
Yes, the terms are the same as those of an affiliate.

Can I add my logo to the Backblaze product or the Backblaze installer?
Not currently.

Can I use my affiliate link to link to my website?
Not at this time. We reserve the option to provide a co-branded web page on our website for our best affiliates. If this is something you are interested in, please email us.

One of my customers who uses Backblaze has a problem, who should they contact?
Our customer support team would be happy to help your customer. Please ask your customer to submit a ticket to our support team here:

I sell Backblaze for Business to my customers. Do I get affiliate credit for those sales?
You get sales credit for Backblaze for Business sales, but currently these sales are recorded separately from your affiliate sales.

Can I have a copy of the Backblaze installer on my website?
No, customers need to visit and install Backblaze through the link in order for them to be counted towards your affiliate total.