"It’s time for online backup"
When it came time for the Centre of Education and Work to think about online backup of their files on their laptops and desktop for their organization they started with Carbonite. “We quickly realized that Carbonite was clunky to work with and was too confusing for the individuals in the office to manage themselves,” lamented John Luxford, Lead Developer at CEW. “There were even a couple of machines that were not being backed up.” The simple task of backing up everyone’s computer was becoming a headache. They had a problem.

"Online backup can be easy."
John had used Backblaze online backup at home and thought Backblaze for Business could help. CEW installed Backblaze for Business for much of their staff with the executive director of the new media division leading the way by installing Backblaze on her own laptop with no help. Once installation was complete, the initial backup started within minutes and continuous backups now occur automatically – without user intervention. In addition, Backblaze intelligently throttles backup network traffic to keep laptops and desktops performing at their best, yet ensuring they are backed up in a timely fashion.

"I don’t have time to manage everyone’s backup."
As for management, John has opted to receive a weekly email status report that tells him everything he needs to know about the health of the organization’s backup program. It takes him a few minutes a week to know each user’s system is backed up and their files are protected.

"Backup is great, but what about restore?"
The final test is restoring files. John expects that most of the users will be able to restore their lost or deleted files and folders on their own. A friend of John’s accidently deleted a 60 GB folder from her hard drive. The folder contained all of her photography and artwork. But, she was using Backblaze and within minutes she was on her way to completely restoring her deleted folder and all her files. So, John is confident that his users will be able to restore their data when the time comes.
The Center for Education and Work (CEW) is a non-profit organization that helps workplaces develop and deliver customized education and training solutions. CEW assists organizations in identifying gaps in workplace knowledge, and applies learning theory and technology to improve the overall effectiveness of their training programs.


Winnipeg, Canada

• Easy set-up
• Automatic backups
• Minimal management
• Users can restore files, folders, more.