Scheduled Maintenance (7/22/2014)


Tomorrow (7/22/2014) from 7-5PM California Time, Backblaze will be undergoing scheduled maintenance. During this time, we will be updating a cluster, resulting in more stability and speed for some of our earliest customers. During this maintenance, the following parts of our service will be affected for some of our users: Access to the My Account….

Wanted: Sr. Systems Admin, Web Services


Responsibilities Own Apache, Tomcat, WordPress and Java services used to host static and dynamic web sites Maintain and expand platforms used to host web services including Dell, Apple, and Supermicro servers plus Dell & EMC storage hardware Oversee daily and weekly backups of critical metadata Research new applications as needed and recommend specific packages and….

Data center outage

*UPDATE — 2/12/2014 — The post mortem on the data center outage is complete. The outage started when the Emergency Power Off (EPO) system was activated. The outage began on 02/05/2014 at 9:08 am PST and lasted 1 hour and 43 minutes until 10:51 am PST. At this point the Backblaze servers started recovering and….

Computers Need Electricity

Yesterday (October 24, 2013) six cabinets in the Backblaze datacenter lost all electricity at the same moment (10:58am).  No customer data was lost, but during the repair of the electrical circuits the pods containing some customer data were offline for the next few hours until 9:42pm when the final pod was brought back up and online. These….

Backblaze Halloween Contest

Want to win an iPad Mini or a Nexus 7? We’re having a scary video contest! Want the rules? Read below, and don’t forget to check out the example video at the bottom! Oh, and hurry! The contest ends October 29th! How to Enter the Contest? 1. Prepare a short, 30 seconds or less, video….

What Would You Like To Read On The Backblaze Blog?

The Backblaze Blog has been around for quite a while and we’d like to know what you think of it, and what you’d change about it, if anything. Thank you for your feedback, and we hope we can keep bringing you quality, entertaining, and informative content! *Update* Thanks for all the feedback! We’ll be posting….

Unboxing The Japanese Retail Box!

Last year Backblaze announced a partnership with Sourcenext to help spread online backup throughout Japan.  After all, backing up your computer is a good idea, no matter where you live!  This year Sourcenext is releasing a retail box for us!  Let’s take a look inside shall we?

Incredible Invoices!

Backblaze has a great support team and one of the most frequent requests they receive is, “could you please provide an invoice?” From the beginning, we’ve been handcrafting every invoice that’s been sent out, and while we love making our customers happy, as Backblaze has grown it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with all….