Hard Drive Reliability Update – Sep 2014


At Backblaze we now have 34,881 drives and store over 100 petabytes of data. We continually track how our disk drives are doing, which ones are reliable, and which ones need to be replaced. I did a blog post back in January, called “What Hard Drive Should I Buy?” It covered the reliability of each….

Hard Drive Temperature – Does It Matter?


How much does operating temperature affect the failure rates of disk drives? Not much. The unlimited online backup service provided by Backblaze requires a lot of storage. In fact, we recently passed the 100-petabyte mark in our data center. This means we use disk drives. A lot of disk drives. The Backblaze Storage Pod is….

What Hard Drive Should I Buy?


My last two blog posts were about expected drive lifetimes and drive reliability. These posts were an outgrowth of the careful work that we’ve done at Backblaze to find the most cost-effective disk drives. Running a truly unlimited online backup service for only $5 per month means our cloud storage needs to be very efficient….

Enterprise Drives: Fact or Fiction?


Last month I dug into drive failure rates based on the 25,000+ consumer drives we have and found that consumer drives actually performed quite well. Over 100,000 people read that blog post and one of the most common questions asked was: “Ok, so the consumer drives don’t fail that often. But aren’t enterprise drives so….

How long do disk drives last?


How long do disk drives last? The short answer is: we don’t know yet, but it’s longer than you might guess. Why does a company that keeps more than 25,000 disk drives spinning all the time not know how long they last? Backblaze has been providing reliable and unlimited online backup for over five years…..

VW takes Backblaze Storage Pod for a ride

You may not be familiar with the name Crispin Porter + Bogusky, but you’re probably familiar with their work. The firm, which was named U.S. Agency of the Year by Adweek last year, created “The King” and “Whopper Freakout” campaigns for Burger King; the Windows Mojave, Jerry Seinfeld/Bill Gates and I’m a PC campaigns for….