Backblaze Online Backup 4.0 – It’s All About The Pace

Backblaze Online Backup 4.0

We are proud to introduce Backblaze Online Backup 4.0, our fastest release for backing up and recovering customer data. There are a lot of cool things in 4.0, but making sure our customers can backup and recover their data fast is at the top of the list. We have always allowed customers to backup and….

There’s Nothing to See Here – Backblaze 3.0

Backblaze 3.0

When Backblaze 1.0 was introduced it was a good product that solved a problem. Over the years many people have used Backblaze to backup and restore billions of files. As with most software there were always things that could be done to improve the product and over time we added features such as Refer-a-Friend, Safety….

Backblaze Mobile for Android


It’s arrived! Starting today, you’ll be able to download Backblaze Mobile for Android and have access to all of your backed up data, anywhere you go! This is a companion app to the Backblaze online backup service, and allows users to access, download, experience, and share the data that they have backed up with Backblaze…..

SEO Serendipity: Our Road Back to HTTPS Leads to Google Love


Yesterday we switched our entire website and this blog to HTTPS, thus securing every Backblaze web page with encryption between our servers and your browser. Ironically, this is how we started 7 years ago, then switched some of the pages to just HTTP (including the home page), and now flipped back. Why did we do….

Backblaze Launching Refer-A-Friend


Help Your Friends and Yourself You back up your computer. You go to bed every night, wrap yourself up in a blanket burrito and think about how peaceful your life is now that you have an online backup; and hard drive crashes no longer loom in the back of your mind. Sometimes you think about….

Release 2.5.1


Release Date: 4/28/2014 Version: 2.5.1 Windows version: Mac version: Normally “dot” releases such as 2.5.1 are about making little improvements that go unnoticed by nearly everyone. For example, in 2.5.1 we sped up the file scanning process on the Mac platform by utilizing BSD layer OSX system calls. We also added .pvm files….

Backblaze Mobile Update 1.8


Backblaze Mobile 1.8 is here! We’ve added search, making it easier to find and retrieve files on the go! What’s New: Search — search for any backed up file by name Speed optimization Bug fixes Why Is Search Important? Search will help you find and view your files and folders while you’re away from your….

Backblaze 2.5 – The Tranquility Release


You shouldn’t have to worry about data backup. It should just work. No data limits, no throttling, no worries. That’s Backblaze. Here’s a look at what’s new in Backblaze Online Backup Release 2.5. Account Page From any web browser you can log in to your Backblaze account to see how things are going. Most of….