Is the Backblaze cloud bigger than iCloud?

Possibly. A customer yesterday asked, “Do you have any idea how big iCloud is?” I thought it was an interesting question and poked around. Two months ago it was reported that Apple ordered 12 petabytes of storage rumored to be used for its new North Carolina data center. Certainly Apple already has significant storage for….

Backblaze works seamlessly with iCloud

Yesterday Apple announced iCloud, launching in the fall, which lets you sync music, photos, apps, calendars, etc. between your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. As Mac-fans, all of us here at Backblaze are pretty excited about using these features for ourselves! A couple people asked, “How will Backblaze work with iCloud?” The answer? Seamlessly! * iCloud….

Free iPhone 4 Wallpapers

Did you get your new iPhone 4 (or upgrade to iOS 4)? I created some iPhone 4 Wallpapers (640×960) you may enjoy. They’re free to use. How to Switch the Wallpaper: * Open this blog post on your iPhone. * Click on the one image you like (including the one with the flame) to open….

MacWorld Brings Back Steve Jobs

Sometimes its the little things that warm my heart. In January, many of us hoped to see Steve Jobs on stage as the keynote for the MacWorld event. We decided to show our support by making “Bring Back Steve Jobs” posters and passing them out the morning of the keynote. Today a very cool time….

TheAppleBlog requests old-time creativity

Josh Pigford at TheAppleBlog was excited by the arrival of a new simple drawing application for the Mac called “Paintbrush” that brought back the pixelated times of the past. To celebrate, he challenged his readers to create images with the new app and offered to give two 1-year subscriptions to Backblaze to the best ones…..

Backblaze Mac launch winners

Two weeks ago Backblaze launched the Mac version of its unlimited online backup service. As part of the launch, we randomly selected 25 people who installed on the day of launch to receive a free 1-year license to the Backblaze service. I wanted to share a few of the responses we received when notifying the….

Backblaze launches Mac version

Backblaze loves the Mac, and even tried to bring back Steve Jobs, so we’re very excited today to make our unlimited online backup service available to all Mac users. With half the founding team originally from Apple, we couldn’t wait to support the Mac platform. We’re thrilled to do so and to see some of….

Bring back Steve Jobs

Jobs was sorely missed yesterday at Macworld. Loved for his hyperbole, showmanship, and black turtleneck, Steve bowed out of Apple’s last Macworld. Rumors circled that he was ill, Apple had nothing to announce, he was stepping down, etc. In the end, Steve issued a statement. Macworld would not be the same without Steve Jobs’ keynote…..