Backblaze Mobile for iOS 8

Backblaze and iOS 8

Backblaze is pleased to announce that our latest version of Backblaze Mobile for iPhone (version 1.10) fully supports iOS 8. We’ve been working to support iOS 8 throughout its Beta period. Typical to Beta software, things would change behind the scenes over the course of the Beta period. A feature would work one day and….

Work for Backblaze at Macworld


You love Backblaze. You’ve woken up in the middle of the night asking yourself, “Self, why is it that I’m not working at Backblaze, I love those guys!” Well, here’s your chance! Backblaze has a big presence at Macworld (March 27-29th) this year and we want someone to come spend a day with us at….

Unboxing Our New Mac Pro

We love getting new gadget at the Backblaze office and just last week we took delivery of our first Mac Pro! Our designer Casey couldn’t be more thrilled! We had a bit of fun with the unboxing, but not everyone was as excited about it as Casey.

A Burger With a Side of Spreadsheets, To Go

The Day the iMac Died.

“The Mac died” my wife sighed into the phone. I wasn’t surprised. First, the dead Mac was our 7 year old iMac computer, which had worked flawlessly the entire time. And second, I was traveling for business and things always seem to “break” when I am on the road. It was Sunday night. I had….

Mavericks? We’re Ready!

Backblaze loves our Mac users and we’re guessing some of you have been waiting with bated breath for OS X Mavericks to be available for download. That’s why we’ve worked hard to make sure Backblaze is ready for OS X Mavericks. Apple released the developer-version of OS X Mavericks back in June, and we already….

Backblaze: The Strong Silent Type

Our first Restory is actually two stories. Each lovingly crafted and delivered to Backblaze. And you thought online backup couldn’t be romantic… A One Way Street “ I think I should take this time to just tell you what our relationship is: a one-way street. Honestly, I don’t think about you at all. You just….

A small tribute to Steve Jobs

One of our support guys sent an email to the company a few minutes ago saying Steve Jobs died. After a moment of disbelief there was some shock, then sadness. Steve Jobs wasn’t one in a million. He was one in a billion. And while we had never met him, he had a profound impact….

Backblaze fully supports OS X Lion (10.7)

While Apple just recently announced their newest operating system, OS X Lion (10.7), Backblaze has been working with developers and beta testers for a while to ensure our online backup service is fully compatible. When you rush out to upgrade to Lion, know that your Backblaze online backup service will work seamlessly. The new OS….