5 Years and 4 Billion Restored Files Later…

By | September 18th, 2013
5 years old

Backblaze was formed in 2007 and we went to work creating Backblaze online backup. We kicked off the private beta in June 2008 and in September we released Backblaze 1.0, five short years ago. Through it all Backblaze has been laser-focused on providing unlimited backup at $5/month. It wasn’t always easy, but we’ve managed to….

Crowdsourcing Hard Drives

By | November 30th, 2012

It was 12:10am on Black Friday. Dave sat clicking the refresh button on his browser; waiting for the page to reveal Costco’s Black Friday deal… Earlier in the day, Dave had signed up to be a drive farmer for Backblaze — a Black Friday drive farmer. He joined about 50 others who signed up to….

Backblaze turns 5 – a startup grows up

By | April 20th, 2012
5 years old

Five years. That’s crazy. I can’t believe that it has been five years since Backblaze officially started. While some work started before then, the company was officially incorporated in Delaware on April 20, 2007. When I think back to a few of us sitting in a one-bedroom apartment brainstorming about what we could possibly to….

Backblaze needs a new office

By | September 17th, 2010

Backblaze was founded in a small office where we planned to stay for six months. But we kept finding creative ways to cram more people in. Three years later…we’re bursting at the seams. So it is time to move out of our humble abode and move to…well, a slightly larger humble abode. Do you have….