Backblaze Release 5.1 – RMM Compatibility for Mass Deployments

By | October 13th, 2017

Introducing Backblaze Computer Backup Release 5.1 This is a relatively minor release in terms of the core Backblaze Computer Backup service functionality, but is a big deal for Backblaze for Business as we’ve updated our Mac and PC clients to be RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) compatible. What Is New? Updated Mac and PC clients….

Release 4.3.0 – The Rollover Release

By | December 15th, 2016

The current version of the Backblaze Personal Backup and Backblaze Business Backup applications is being updated to on the PC and on the Mac. The list of fixes, changes, and updates is as follows: Update the version number to 4.3.0. Roll the build number back to start at 1. End of list. If….

There’s Nothing to See Here – Backblaze 3.0

By | October 9th, 2014

When Backblaze 1.0 was introduced it was a good product that solved a problem. Over the years many people have used Backblaze to backup and restore billions of files. As with most software there were always things that could be done to improve the product and over time we added features such as Refer-a-Friend, Safety….

Backblaze Mobile for Android

By | August 20th, 2014

It’s arrived! Starting today, you’ll be able to download Backblaze Mobile for Android and have access to all of your backed up data, anywhere you go! This is a companion app to the Backblaze online backup service, and allows users to access, download, experience, and share the data that they have backed up with Backblaze…..

Backblaze Launching Refer-A-Friend

By | May 20th, 2014

Help Your Friends and Yourself You back up your computer. You go to bed every night, wrap yourself up in a blanket burrito and think about how peaceful your life is now that you have an online backup; and hard drive crashes no longer loom in the back of your mind. Sometimes you think about….

Release 2.5.1

By | April 28th, 2014

Release Date: 4/28/2014 Version: 2.5.1 Windows version: Mac version: Normally “dot” releases such as 2.5.1 are about making little improvements that go unnoticed by nearly everyone. For example, in 2.5.1 we sped up the file scanning process on the Mac platform by utilizing BSD layer OSX system calls. We also added .pvm files….