Today Show: Cryptolocker Continues To Hold Data Hostage

Last October we wrote a blog post about a new piece of ransomeware called Cryptolocker. At the time it was a relatively new virus, and was not yet affecting as many people as it is now. As of March, reports that Cryptolocker’s “… masterminds have raked in somewhere in the neigborhood of $30 million,….

Backblaze + Pebble


Backblaze and Pebble? Talk about worlds colliding. I (Yev) love the Pebble, and I’ve been wearing one ever since my “Kickstarter Edition” watch shipped last year. More recently I’ve upgraded to the shiny and new Pebble Steel. Anyway, I’m also the social media guy at Backblaze, so I’m constantly monitoring the social-sphere for any mentions….

A Burger With a Side of Spreadsheets, To Go

The Day the iMac Died.

“The Mac died” my wife sighed into the phone. I wasn’t surprised. First, the dead Mac was our 7 year old iMac computer, which had worked flawlessly the entire time. And second, I was traveling for business and things always seem to “break” when I am on the road. It was Sunday night. I had….

Recent Malware Forcing Victims to Pay For Data Retrieval

Lately, Backblaze has been seeing a few reports stating that a very specific type of ransomware, known as CryptoLocker, that takes control of a victim’s computer and holds it hostage until that victim pays to get it removed. It is known as ransomware because if Cryptolocker is not paid within a specific timeframe, it will….

MobileMe’s Complimentary iCloud Storage Is Shutting Down

Apple announced the closure of MobileMe on July 1st, 2012, hoping that its users would flock to the newly announced iCloud service. As part of the push to enhance iCloud usage, MobileMe users were given a complimentary 20GB iCloud storage plan if they moved over to the new service. Those plans are now expiring, and….

Battery Powered Backups, It’s Your Choice

Laptops will make up more than half of the computers sold in 2013. With that in mind we wanted to let you know about a great little feature in Backblaze online backup that lets you choose whether or not we will back up the data from your laptop while it is on battery power. Making….

How to Restore a Single File


Over the years, Backblaze online backup has helped our customers restore over 3 billion files. That’s a lot of photos, videos, documents and more. While a majority of our data restores are to “Restore All My Data”, many of our customers have also restored a single file or a handful of files and folders. You….

Flickr Announces 1TB of Photo Storage. Awesome!

Big news in the technology industry this week as Yahoo’s board authorized the purchase of Tumblr, and Flickr announced 1 terabyte of photo storage. One terabyte of storage. That’s a lot of photos. By their estimates over 500,000 of them, maybe even more, depending on the resolution and quality. We think this is great! Having….