Backblaze 2 – The Search for More Revenue


After we released Backblaze Online Backup 4.0, people starting uploading data crazy quickly! 1TB backed up per day? That’s not bad! Once that happened we realized that we needed to buy a bunch more Backblaze Vaults to store all that data. The question we had to ask ourselves was: “How do we maintain our $5/month….

Larry: One Truckin’ Datacenter Tech


From driving trucks to trucking drives, Larry is our latest addition to the proud line of Datacenter Technicians we have at Backblaze! Larry joins us after driving trucks for a living and will be using his quick reflexes and keen eyesight to help swap hard drives and keep the datacenter smoothly running. Let’s learn a….

Scorpion Shows Us Why Access to Backups is Important

I love the new CBS TV show “Scorpion“. It stars one of my favorite actors, Robert Patrick (who taught me how to run in Terminator 2…fingers straight), and centers around a government task-force of geniuses who use their abilities to stop bad things from happening. The premier episode centered around backup. As io9 so eloquently….

In-Game Datacenter


At Backblaze, we’re always thinking about the future of hard drive storage. A report posted a few days ago on The Verge states that there has been “construction of a hard drive inside of Minecraft that’s said to be capable of storing 1KB of data”. You can even watch a walk-through of the hard drive….

The Backblaze of Pizza?


Backblaze and pizza? Two great tastes that taste great together, right? Recently, one of our employees checked out a pizza place near his home called “Blaze Pizza“. The next day he wrote to the company: “Blaze Pizza” is basically the Backblaze of pizza: They offer one size of pizza, but unlimited toppings for one flat….

Marketing Intern: Angelina


Now that Marketing Intern Lisa is heading back to college, we proudly introduce our new Marketing Intern, Angelina. Her hobbies include musical theater, singing, sculpting, and fencing, but it was her love of digital arts that was most intriguing to us here at Backblaze. Where are you from? I currently live in Pittsburg, California. What….

Engineering Intern: Eli


Eli is a self-described lover of magic tricks and is now also an engineering intern at Backblaze. We gave him a shirt and told him to learn the product ropes from our CTO Brian so that he can “abracadabra” and make bugs disappear. What attracted you to Backblaze? I have been a supporter of Backblaze….

Welcome Chris, Sys Admin & Backup Maniac


Let’s welcome Chris as a Senior Systems Administrator for Backblaze. Born and raised in San Jose, California, Chris joins Backblaze after stints at VMWare, Sunrun and a couple of other local organizations. Tell us how you backup your photos, music, data, etc. on your home computer? It depends on what the type of file is….