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The Decision on Transparency

By | November 14th, 2017

…possible because using our Storage Pod designs provided lower-cost storage. And I want to believe that in general we pushed forward the development of low-cost storage servers in the industry. So overall, the decision on being transparent and sharing our Storage Pod designs was a clear win. Takeaway: Never underestimate the value of goodwill. It can help build new markets…

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Backblaze Cuts B2 Download Price In Half

By | March 9th, 2018

…to make storing data astonishingly easy and affordable. We have a well documented, relentless pursuit of lowering storage costs — it starts with our storage pods and runs through everything we do. Today, we have over 500 petabytes of customer data stored. B2’s storage pricing already being 1⁄4 that of Amazon’s S3 has certainly helped us get there. Today’s pricing…

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An Introduction to Managing Digital Photos and Videos

By | November 30th, 2017

…integrity of the stored data Data stored in the cloud can be shared, if desired Cloud storage is limitless, as opposed to DAS and most NAS implementations Cloud storage can be accessed through a wide range of interfaces, and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), making cloud storage extremely flexible Cloud storage supports an extensive ecosystem of add-on hardware, software, and applications…

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The Hardware Inside B2 Cloud Storage – Storage Pod 5.0

By | November 10th, 2015

…not included) comparing Storage Pod 4.5 with Storage Pod 5.0. Remember, these are Backblaze costs based on our purchasing 300+ Storage Pods per year. Storage Pod 4.5 Storage Pod 5.0 Change Chassis and Components $2,563.31 $2,349.44 -8.3% Drives (45 Seagate 4TB) $5,850.00 $5,175.00 -11.5% Totals $8,413.31 $7,524.44 -10.6%% The verdict: Both elements helped drive down the cost of Storage Pod

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Storage Pod 6.0: Building a 60 Drive 480TB Storage Server

By | April 25th, 2016

Pod 6.0 storage server only $16,364.07 or a very impressive $0.034 per GB. By the way, if you’re looking for off-site data archive storage, Backblaze B2 will store your data for just $0.005/GB/month. Buying a Storage Pod Backblaze does not sell Storage Pods or parts. If you are interested in buying a Storage Pod 6.0 storage server (without drives), you…

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HDD vs SSD: What Does the Future for Storage Hold? — Part 2

By | March 13th, 2018

…available for our Storage Pods (see our post Seagate Introduces a 60TB SSD — Is a 3.6PB Storage Pod Next?), but the cost/benefit ratio of SSDs is not yet in our favor. Our operations team takes advantage of the benefits and savings of SSDs wherever they can, using them in every place that’s appropriate other than primary data storage. They’re…

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Storage Pod 4.5 – Tweaking a Proven Design

By | March 5th, 2015

…Version 4.5 Storage Pods. Please check out They will sell you a fully assembled Storage Pod 4.5 chassis (without drives), a Storage Pod 4.5 Kit (unassembled, no drives), or just a Storage Pod 4.5 metal chassis. Protocase – they helped design Version 4.0 and prior Storage Pods. They also supplied Version 3.0 and Version 4.0 Storage Pods for Backblaze….

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Yes, Backblaze Just Ordered 100 Petabytes of Hard Drives

By | October 5th, 2017
100 petabytes

…on our Backblaze Vault architecture, with vault 1093 being the 60th one we have placed into service. Each Backblaze Vault is comprised of 20 Backblaze Storage Pods logically grouped together into one storage system. Today, each Storage Pod contains sixty 3 ½” hard drives, giving each vault 1,200 drives. Early vaults were built on Storage Pods with 45 hard drives,…

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