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An Invitation for CrashPlan Customers: Try Backblaze

By | August 22nd, 2017

…I Backblaze would only start the year when my Crashplan plan expires. As it stands now, my Crashplan subscription ends next year and I will have to remember to sign up for Crashplan far enough in advance to get a couple terabytes of photos uploaded to Backblaze before the Crashplan plan ends. 2) I have the Crashplan family plan and…

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How to Migrate All of Your Data from CrashPlan

By | August 25th, 2017
CrashPlan Migration

…— Should you remove CrashPlan from your computer before migrating to Backblaze? Answer — No. If your computer fails during the upload to Backblaze, you’ll still have a full backup with CrashPlan. During the upload period you may want to decrease the resources (CPU and Network) used by CrashPlan and increase the resources available to Backblaze. You can “pause” CrashPlan

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500 Petabytes and Counting

By | February 5th, 2018

…have been a customer earlier, for a few reasons I moved back to CrashPlan. As of now I´m back with you, perhaps for good, lets see :) RealQuentin How are you doing it? I mean, the migration. Ryan Thorpe I actually am using Arq to upload my current files to Backblaze and downloading and zipping anything that’s on Crashplan to…

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All-In on Unlimited Backup

By | February 6th, 2018

…The cloud backup industry has seen its share of tumultuousness. BitCasa, Dell DataSafe, Xdrive, and a dozen others have closed up shop. Mozy, Amazon, and Microsoft offered, but later canceled, their unlimited offerings. Recently, CrashPlan for Home customers were notified that their service was being end-of-lifed. Then today we’ve heard from Carbonite customers who are frustrated by this…

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Our Readers Respond on the Best Solution for Managing Digital Photos and Videos

By | January 26th, 2018

…non-work hours. One reader said that a monthly data scrub was performed on the NAS to ensure data integrity. Hardware used for backups included Synology, QNAP, Drobo, and FreeNAS systems. Services used by our readers for backing up included Backblaze Backup, Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage, CrashPlan, SmugMug, Amazon Glacier, Google Photos, Amazon Prime Photos, Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple Photos, Lima,…

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Improved Search for Backblaze’s Blog

By | October 24th, 2017

…which are the most popular search terms on our blog. Here are some of the top searches: hard drive stats drive reliability storage pod CrashPlan reliability best hard drive WordPress Synology encryption NAS Linux Here’s an example of a popular post that shows up in searches. Hard Drive Stats for Q1 2017 was published on May 9, 2017. Since September…

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What’s the Best Solution for Managing Digital Photos and Videos?

By | November 28th, 2017

…local copy. Our Video RAID is cloned to a local drive that we rotate to offsite (unconnected) storage in a nearby city. We had wanted to use Crashplan for this – but you know that story! We have two time machine drives for our photos and other documents on our main laptop. One is Thunderbolt attached and the other is…

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Hard Drive Reliability Review for 2015

By | February 16th, 2016

…of DOA’s? (Dead on Arrival) Terry Fundak I’m not sure why you rate CrashPlan so low. I have used and hosted a CrashPlan server for about 5 years and I rate CrashPlan tech support as by far the best of any company I have ever dealt with. Perhaps I am lucky to be a CrashPlan Server owner. Perhaps you are…

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