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Taylor Herzog overheard one of the partners grumble about the company’s data backup or more precisely the lack thereof. The partner had just come from a meeting where he learned all of their data wasn’t getting backed up regularly. Over the years equipment had been added, moved around, and removed and the back up process hadn’t kept up. To get everything backed up, they’d have to start shelling out over $100 a month. That’s not a lot of money, but it seemed high to Taylor as he knew they only had about 300GB of data. Something wasn’t right.

The process at Ahuja & Clark was to back up all of the network drives to a solution off-site. It was the off-site backup part that was going to cost them $100+ a month.

Taylor has been a Backblaze Personal Backup customer for years and knew that Backblaze had recently introduced B2 Cloud Storage.
Taylor Herzog
Taylor is the Manager of Advisory Services at Ahuja & Clark, PPLC. They are a full service certified public accounting firm in Plano Texas. Taylor is not the IT guy, they outsource their IT function, but he is a self-proclaimed computer geek. His technical expertise makes him the go-to guy when computer stuff “breaks” in the office. He decided to take a look at the company’s backup problem.
He also knew they had partnered with CloudBerry Labs for Windows Server backup. First, he visited the CloudBerry website and downloaded a free trial of their Windows Server Backup software. He then opened a Backblaze B2 account, knowing he could store up to 10GB for free. He handed everything to the company’s IT firm and asked them to install and test the solution.

During the testing period Ahuja & Clark learned that after their initial backup, any changes, additions or deletions on the server are backed up automatically within minutes.

Files can then be easily and quickly restored through the CloudBerry interface. And most importantly, the data is encrypted and secure throughout the entire write/store/restore process.

A successful test in hand, Taylor prepared a spreadsheet to present to management.
Backblaze & Cloudberry Solution
The answer was clear: The combination of Backblaze and CloudBerry meets or exceeds their requirements, and saves them over $1,000 in the first year alone. The solution scales automatically as they grow and the cost is easy to forecast as there are no complex pricing tiers or data deletion fees.


The Backblaze/CloudBerry solution has been in place for two months and is working flawlessly. It has already paid for itself compared to the originally proposed $100 per month solution. Every month from now on is money saved for Ahuja & Clark – that makes Taylor, and his boss, smile.

About Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage

Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage is a cloud storage solution that provides data storage at one-fourth the cost of leading cloud storage providers: $0.005 GB/month for storage, free uploads, and $0.02 ($/GB) for downloads. Things to know about B2: