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Why Online Backup?

It's not a question of will you lose your data—it's when. Whether it's a catastrophic event, such as an earthquake, fire, flood, or a mad panda that destroys your computer, or the more common virus, hard-drive crash, laptop left in a taxi, or coffee spill, your PC will eventually lose your photos, music, and documents.

Can't I Recover Data From a Dead Hard Drive?

Not if your computer has been stolen—and rarely even if you have it. Companies charge approximately $3,000 to attempt to recover your data with no guarantee that you'll glean anything from it. For $5 per month, Backblaze online backup will backup all your data for 50 years for the price of one attempted recovery.

OK, But I Bought an External USB Hard Drive. Am I Safe?

It's a good start, but as our vice president of design says, "better safe than sorta safe." Do you back up your data every day? Or do you sometimes forget? Are you sure you're backing up the right files? Are your computer and USB drive stored in the same place, making both susceptible to the same risks? What if you go on a trip and leave the drive at home? You can't backup or restore files while you're gone. And if you take it with you? Then you're more likely to lose both your laptop and USB drive at the same time!

So, How Am I Backed Up with Backblaze?

You download a tiny application that installs in three clicks and doesn't require a credit card or any information to start using it. This internet backup application automatically finds all your photos, music, documents, and other irreplaceable files—no matter where they are on your hard drive—and compresses and securely encrypts them. When you're not using your computer, it sends them over the Internet to the remote Backblaze datacenters. Learn more about how we built Backblaze online backup for your Mac. We also built a great online backup service for Windows XP, Vista and 7.

How Can You Backup Everything Online For Just $5 per Month?

We have developed a highly efficient storage system that enables us to optimize how we store data. And we’re counting on some people having a lot of data and others not very much, but that it will work out on average.

Look, I'm an Advanced User, and I Already Have a Set of RAID Drives with Perl Scripts to Copy My Files Back and Forth Between My 18 Home Machines that are in a Datacenter I've Built in My Closet. Why Do I Need Backblaze?

Congratulations! It sounds like you're passionate about backup—and so are we. In fact, you may even want to send us a note on the jobs page. But we still think you should try Backblaze's online backup because it's automatic, will save your data remotely, and is really inexpensive.
Backblaze is the simplest way
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Backblaze takes the guess work
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I downloaded Backblaze yesterday and took my MacBook Pro into work and connected it to the 1 gig network port. It transferred my 100 gigs of data in about 20 hours, or 5 gig per hour. Excellent!! So now I have it back at home.... So, I just bought a 2 year subscription.

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